Ever noticed that the couples around you act alike, look alike and have similar preferences and taste buds! This might have surprised you but ultimately you might have concluded that ‘they are made for each other’! You might be surprised to know that as per recent research, it has been found that being in a relationship can actually change your taste buds over time! The longer you are in a relationship, the more likely your partner will influence, or you will influence likes or dislikes.

Your partner introduces you to new wines
As interesting as it may sound, it is factual that your taste in wine is influenced by your relationship status. It could be both ways around! For instance, when you were single you might have never tasted red wine! You were more into mocktails! After you got committed, your partner loves to have red wine and whenever you go out for dinner or any special occasion, he prefers bottle of red wine over other drinks. What will happen in this case? Either you will stick to mocktails and other cocktails or at least you will give it a try if he insists. Gradually, you will develop the taste because you both share the fridge after all! This is just one example, there are many if you look back and analyse!

wine relationships

It’s like a journey
This sync in preferences develop over time among couples. If you are going through rough phase and seek relationship help, cupid gurus suggest adapting taste preferences of each other so that you have common preferences. This is like a first step to save the boat of relationship from sinking. The company in which you hang out influences your quirks and tastes! Couples who stay together for longer periods of time know each other well and their drink preferences are always the same! Did you ever think that a bottle of wine has a potential to answer relationship help questions?

What does the research say?
100 couples were selected having relationship status from 3 months to 45 years and were blindfolded to smell and taste different flavours and rate them on a scale of five (5 being the best). The results of the research stated that couples who have stayed longer with each other have similar bearing on taste and smell preference. It is understandable pretty easily! If you are sharing significant portion of your meals and drinks, you are likely to like similar types of food and wines!

The question is…
The question is how can this happen? If I never liked wine, how can I start liking it? The relationship help gurus say that a bottle of wine is tasty and full of health benefits. You just need someone to introduce it to you and company you so you can cherish every sip of it! It’s more of a lifestyle shift and learning how can wine aroma make you comfortable with the language of taste! If nobody had introduced it to you, you might have been a non-drinker! So next time when you are asked ‘what do you want in drinks?’ take your sweet time to reply as it will go a long way! Have you ever noticed smile on her face when you ordered what she likes?