For those who are starting or considering building a winery, then one of the most important jobs you must fill is the person who will sell your efforts to the world. Building a winery mean having the right marketing consultant who knows the ins and outs of letting the world know about the quality of the wine you produce.

After all, making great wine is only part of the effort you must make to become successful. Even the most well-known wines from around the world needed the assistance of marketing consultants to gain the notoriety they now enjoy.

What is a Wine Marketing Consultant?

Essentially, this is person trained in marketing who specializes in working with wineries to broaden their reach to customers around the world. The job itself attracts those who have an inherent interest in wine and wants to flourish in this growing market.

Wine consultants come in different types with some holding full-time positions with a single winery, store, distribution company, or direct-sales while others may be self-employed or work part-time depending on the needs of their position. For wineries, you may elect to hire a marketing consultant full-time or part-time as they work with other companies as well.

Many who start their careers in wine marketing will get a taste of the winery by working in different areas. it is quite common for someone to start in the tasting room, learning about the wines and teaching participants about the quality of the product. Their job may take them to the inventory, stocking process, and the marketing itself to get a proper feel for how the business works.

The requirements for a qualified consultant in wine marketing does not require a college degree, but they must have a solid knowledge of the industry, know wines well, have good interpersonal skills, and can organize a good marketing campaign to maximize the potential for success.

The consultant you hire should be someone who have experience in how wineries work, although it is not necessary for them to have many years of experience. The purpose of the wine marketing consultant is to take your product as far as it can go in the world of wines.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant for Your Winery

There are good reasons to hire a wine marketing consultant, either full time or a self-employed consultant working with your business much like an independent contractor. Wineries, especially in their early years and those that are struggling to get into the marketplace can use the services of a reputable consultant.

Create Effective Customer Relationships: The backbone of the winery business is repeat customers. You can make the most out of your established market by hiring a winery consultant skilled in creating lasting relationships that are the backbone of your sales.

The consultant acts as the go-between, the person customers trust to provide them with the wine they want all while building up the image of the winery. By establishing excellent relations with repeat customers through direct marketing, providing discounts, and other proven methods, you can create customers who buy again and again thanks to the work of the consultant.

Open Direct Sales: One of the best ways to expand your business model is through selling wine via direct sales to customers. Instead of working only with local stores, you can boost your sales by selling directly to the public.

A market consultant familiar with wine will understand how to shape the direct marketing campaign while balancing it with retail stores and outlets that also offer your wine for sale. An effective marketer can help you greatly expand the potential of your winery through the direct sales field.

Improve Image: The brand image is arguably the most important part of your marketing efforts. How potential customers view your wine will be the basis for your success. A consultant understands how to get the most out of your brand image through effective marketing efforts. It’s not just about letting people know your wine exists, but how it should be a part of their lives.

In addition, the marketing consultant creates customized plans, programs, and efforts to engage with your customers through direct sales, and other means to maximize your brand potential. The techniques used to reach customers are key to the effectiveness of the consultant you hire.

How to Choose the Best Consultant for the Job

To get the best consultant, you will need to understand where your winery is at in terms of customer appeal and where you want to be. From that starting point, hiring the right consultant will mean going by the following tips.

Reputation: If you are looking for a self-employed consultant or one that works with a firm that has several clients, their reputation should speak volumes about their effectiveness. You’ll want to look over their portfolio to see their successes and how other clients have benefitted from their services.

Experience over Education: Keep in mind that academic achievement may be nice, but you really want a consultant who offers experience in the field. This is because no degree is required to become a wine market consultant and many of the best earned their reputation through the work they have done with other wineries.

Offers Marketing Approach: To get from where you are to where you need to be, it will require a good marketing plan that a consultant can create and execute. When interviewing potential consultants, it helps to let them know your situation and what possible ways they can reach new customers. The better the plan, the more reason you should give them a try.

In the end, getting the right marketing consultant means boosting the visibility of your winery that expands your customer base. Your reputation will also be bolstered by the efforts of the consultant in working with customers and clients to broaden the appeal of your brand. By having a sure hand running your marketing arm, you can considerably expand your winery and get the most out of its potential.