contactless paymentsWith the emergence of COVID-19, protocols for receiving wine deliveries have changed slightly. Can you still get wine delivered even during the pandemic? It depends on how soon you need it and where you live; in the city or in the suburbs. Since the quarantine, most shops have gone with a contactless payment and delivery system to ensure that no germs get transferred back and forth. If you have never ordered wine delivery before you may not know what to expect. You can get an order and receive wine delivered to your home with very little fuss or muss. Due to COVID-19, people are no longer going out to bars and restaurants. Instead, they are choosing to stay home and get their wine delivered in. Wine sales have gone up with more people staying home now. So where can you get wine for delivery with contactless payments? This will depend on where you live. Some companies will deliver to residences and some won’t. It depends on who you call. Here are some sources from which you can get wine delivery within a few days.

Restaurant Delivery
Restaurants will often deliver a small bottle of wine with a takeout meal. If you order food to go, including a bottle of wine helps the local economy and ensures you have a great meal. States like New York, Texas, and California (other states as well) can include wine or beer in their restaurant deliveries.

Courier Services
The increased demand for delivery services opens even more opportunities. Delivery services like Instacart and DoorDash now deliver wine as well as your favorite restaurant meals, groceries, and prescriptions. You can also order with scheduled delivery. Choose the day you want the order to be delivered and set it up in advance. Order online from your smartphone for contactless payments and secure delivery.

contactless paymentsWine Clubs
Joining a wine club will allow you to sample different flavors and find ones you like. How do wine clubs work? As a member, you will receive 2 to 4 shipments (up to a case) of wine per year. You let them know which ones you like and they will send you wine that fits your flavor profile based on your orders.


You will receive a selection of International and domestic wines that are matched to your personal taste profile. Choose a monthly plan and specify the shipment dates. You can cancel the service at any time. You pay $15 for 3 bottles at $5 per bottle, and then $79 for six more bottles plus a shipping charge.

A shipment of wine from a California-based winery selected for your personal flavor profile. You can choose a flexible subscription plan and pay only for the shipments you choose. Cancel at any time. Monthly shipments start at $52 for four bottles ($13 per bottle) plus shipping fees.

Wine Insiders
A direct-to-consumer service for wine delivery selected by experienced curators from some of the world’s best wineries. Your subscription is a 12 week plan for 12 bottles and can be cancelled at any time. You choose what you want; red, white, or a mix. You’ll pay $89 for an introductory case of 15 bottles plus shipping costs.

wine deliveryUsual Wines
One-off shipments of wine from a California winery. Choose from a selection of wines packaged in single-serve, 6.3-oz. Bottles (makes one glass). There is no commitment and a 6-glass shipment is $48, $96 for 12-glass, $144 for 18-glass, and $192 for 24-glass cases. Shipping is not included in the cost.

90+ Wine Club
Seasonal wine shipments rated 90+ by critics, discounted and priced below the suggested retail price. Subscriptions are quarterly with a shipment of 12 bottles of red, white, or sparkling wines every 3 months. The cost is $169.97 for 12 bottles, including shipping.

Ordering Directly from the Winery
Many wineries allow online ordering and will ship your wine directly to you. You will need to show ID when it arrives and sign for the delivery. This is one of the easiest ways to get your wine delivered. If you have a local winery where you live they may deliver if you contact them and ask. Many wineries will ship-to states that allow direct-to-consumer wine deliveries. Look up the laws for your state. When it comes time for your delivery, the package won’t come by the United States Postal Service because they will not accept packages containing alcohol. The package will come by FedEx or UPS and will need to be signed for by an adult over 21 years.

wine deliveryWhen You Need it in a Hurry
If you are only looking to buy a bottle or two and not a whole case, some of the smaller wine delivery services will bring it to you in less than 2 hours. You don’t have to commit to anything and you don’t pay extra fees. You might even get a discount off your first order.



They deliver beer, wine, and spirits straight to your doorstep. You’ll be charged for the order plus a delivery fee. New customers get $5 off the first order. Your order will arrive within 30 – 60 minutes.

Another service similar to Minibar that delivers straight to your door in an hour or less. There is a $20 minimum order plus $5 delivery fee.

A one off delivery service that brings wine to your door in 30 minutes. There are no order minimums and no delivery fees. Larger bulk orders ship within 2 days. No matter how you choose to have your wine delivered, the benefits you’ll receive are a selection of wines from the top California wineries. Contactless payments, and deliveries on your schedule. It doesn’t get any better than this.