Wine apps are useful for every wine enthusiast. There is a myriad of wine apps available in various app stores. These wine apps help you do a lot of things, for example, locate wineries or pronounce wine names which are hard to pronounce. Other wine apps use predictive analysis to determine whether or not you will like a particular brand of wine. There are many apps which are available. You will have to depend on your ability to discern the one which suits you. Some wine apps may be amazing while others may be terrible.

This article will explore some wine apps which are available for use in various app stores. It will also establish which operating systems they are available on.

  • Delectable

Delectable is one of the best apps. It is a sleek iPhone app and it has been used by wine enthusiasts ranging from wine journalists and wine insiders reviews to winemakers and wine tasters. All you have to do is take a picture of the wine bottle that you are enjoying. The app will then run a search on its database. It will come up with a list of the wine’s information, in addition to ratings by different people who have enjoyed that particular wine brand. The search takes seconds.

This app will provide you with a massive database and algorithm about a wine brand, for example, the grape variety, where the grape was grown and its price. Recently, the app added a new feature known as Banquet.


Banquet is Delectable’s wine online shop. It works either together with Delectable or separately. The app is currently available for use only in the USA. With the links from Delectable, the app is able to connect wine buyers with sellers from around the USA. Plans are underway to make the app availability global. You can get wine reviews from Wine Insiders to help you make better decisions.

  • Vivino

This app has a following of approximately 20 million worldwide. It is viewed positively on Wine Insiders. It has a huge database of wines. There are almost 10 million bottles which are available for sale on the app. You can search for any wine you want and get it from this huge database of 8 million. Compared to Delectable, it offers much more information concerning wine brands. The wine-pages also have much more information about the wine brand.

Vivino allows users to connect directly to the retailer. This is a great move towards making purchases simpler. Vivino is available on iPhone apps and Android apps. The premium version comes with a price tag of 5 dollars. A good feature of Vivino is that you can scan a restaurants wine list. From this restaurant wine list, you will get more information about the wine and ratings from various tasters. You can also get a review of a bottle which has been recommended by a prominent wine taster on Vivino.

  • Wine-Searcher

This app is available on both iPhone apps and Android apps. It is basically free, but there is a pro version with a subscription fee of 49 dollars. The wine has a large database. It provides important information about various wines to wine enthusiasts. It gives important price information of different wines from various wine merchants. With this, the app user can choose the wine variety that interests you. You will be able to search where you can buy the bottle and actually trace the place.

On the flipside, the label identification feature is not as good as that of Delectable or Vivino. Therefore, you may fail to get the brand that you actually wanted. However, it does provide critics comments which are understandably very important to the wine buyer. Additionally, you are not only able to search for wines, but it can also help you search for beers and spirits.

  • HelloVino

This is an iPhone app which focuses on matching the food that you will be taking and the occasion with the wine that would be best to take. It is highly helpful for people who do not know much about wine. It is a good wine app for the beginner wine taster or a person who is spoilt for choices on the wine to take on an occasion. It is also available on Android.

It offers basic wines. It will not be ideal for an experienced wine enthusiast. It is free for everyone, but it requires a subscription fee of 4.99$ for unlimited wine labels. With information from Wine Insiders, you can get critic comments on the brand of wine that HelloVino proposes to you.

  • Wine Ring

Wine enthusiasts who have tried this app may say that it’s objectives is not similar to that of Delectable and Vivino. It keeps a record of the wines that you have tasted and with that database, the app will predict which brand of wine you will like and that which you will not. Most wine tasters on Wine Insiders agree that this is a brilliant idea, but it is still not ready for prime time. They argue that it is really tiresome to get the app to identify the brands of wine that you do not like. It will require you to make a lot of entries and ratings so that it can finally discern the wine that you like. Even though it is a brilliant this iPhone app requires more development.

These are some of the wine apps which are available. They get a lot of commendations from different wine commentators, and you can dare say that they are the best. Apart from Wine Ring, the others are easy to use. Try some of these apps sometimes.