Just when you think you’ve heard every trend under the sun, along comes a new one that on the surface makes little sense but is trending anyway. This is a new trend that combines vaping, which is normally used with specialized formulas, with fine wine. So, instead of drinking the wine, you are vaping it instead which leads to a series of different effects.

There are two different approaches to vaping that simulates the effect of an alcoholic drink. The first is that a drink containing alcohol is turned into water vapor so that it can be inhaled. The second is through the use of vaping products which simulates the flavor, but does not contain alcohol.

How to Vape Alcoholic Drinks
Called a “vape shot”, this is essentially vaping with fine wine compared to using traditional vape products. The popularity of this method of vaping means that it now comes with a kit that lets you vape alcoholic products.

The kit itself hold the wine, vodka, or alcoholic drink of your choice inside a box. Once it is ready, you simply insert a needle inside a product that looks like a water bottle and then remove the top.

At that point, you have vapor that is filled with alcohol ready to breath into your lungs. So, instead of having the alcoholic drink go from your stomach and be absorbed into the bloodstream from there, you instead breath in the alcoholic vapor.

This process means that you get the alcohol introduced directly into your bloodstream through the lungs. The result is getting that familiar buzz using far less alcohol and not having an upset stomach.

  • Choose Your Drink
  • Open Vapshot Device and Pour It In
  • Inject needle into Vapshot Bottle
  • Press Button, Count to 20
  • Twist Open Lid and Inhale with Straw

The now vaped alcoholic product will burst from the bottle, much like flowing champagne. You use the straw to inhale it into your lungs. The result is a quick, but fleeting buzz which only lasts for a short time. However, you can always vape it again to continue the effect.

Pros: One of the best advantages is that you can achieve a buzz from each inhale of the product, meaning that only a fraction of the alcohol is needed to create the effect. It should be noted that the buzz you feel is different compared to what you feel when consuming alcohol normally.

Plus, you will quickly recover from each shot, meaning that if you only want a sample of the alcohol, the effect is short-lived.

It allows you to sample many different alcoholic beverages, not just fine wine. This will allow you to be a little more adventurous without

Cons: Of course, a typical vape kit for alcoholic products is fairly expensive, running into the hundreds of dollars.

Vaping Products

However, there are companies which now sell alcoholic vaping flavors that can be used with standard vaping devices. This means that you cannot just pour fine wine or other alcohol into your vaping unit, but you can purchase some of these vaping flavors with alcohol added to enjoy the experience. However, there is one difference with these vaping products, they do not contain any alcohol.

While there was no doubt someone early in the vaping process that tried to use alcoholic products, the first person to create vaping flavors using fine wines as the basis was Dan Clayton-Luce. He founded Vine + Vapor, a company that creates vaping flavors similar to fine wines. He created the products out of his own habit of sipping on Riesling and vaping apple rings. The combination proved to be quite intoxicating, so he worked to perfect the system.

Basically, the idea was to combine the pleasures of vaping with that of drinking the best in wines, similar to a wine-tasting party. The vaping experience is different but offers the ability to quickly sample and share the different flavors at a party.

There are even companies which age their e-cig flavors in oak barrels for weeks to help simulate the flavor of bourbons or single malts.

Pros: You get to experience the flavor of different drinks, including fine wines which means that you can sample them at your pleasure. Because there is no alcohol present, you can take puffs without worrying about becoming inebriated. Plus, you are spending far less on this approach compared to purchasing a Vapshot or similar device which may costs hundreds of dollars.

Cons: As mentioned before, there is no alcohol present in these products. So, while the flavor may be the same, the effect is not. This is why it is suggested that you combine vaping with a wine tasting party to get the full effect.

Dangers of Inhaling Alcohol

While the minimal amount of alcohol that is sent into your bloodstream from each vape is minimal, it is fairly easy to overdose if you are not careful.

This is because inhaling alcohol bypasses the stomach and the liver, which means that it enters the bloodstream in a more concentrated form. For those who have issues with alcohol, vaping can be quite dangerous.

The good news about using a product like Vapshot is that each inhale represents about 1/60th of a typical shot of whisky. This means that it would take several puffs to feel the buzz and even more to push the content to a dangerous level.

For those who want to enjoy occasional puffs of fine wine or other alcoholic drinks, using vaping products or the real thing offers a simple method to enjoy the experience. Plus, it is far less expensive compared to drinking the alcohol, both in terms of costs to your wallet and to your health. However, for those who want to get drunk, this is not the means to do so.

It is never advisable to consume alcohol beyond your limits, but it should be noted that the buzzed feeling received from vaping is shorter and different compared to drinking alcoholic products.