Unlike popular notion, wine isn’t just classified into red and white. To explore the world of wine you need to know more about the various other kinds, each with its own characteristics including ingredients, aroma, alcohol content etc. Many of these wines are both expensive and exotic and in this article we have explored the five major types of the same.

Despite what you might think, white wine isn’t solely produced from just white grapes. You can produce it from red and black grapes as well by simply extracting all the red pigments from the grapes and making use of only the grape juice. White wine usually gives out a very savoury and bright flavour based on whatever ingredients or inputs have gone into it. Today some of the most exquisite white wine you can find includes Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling etc. White wine is best paired either with white meat like chicken, fish etc. or creamy cheese, salads, bread, seafood etc.

Red wine is produced in almost the same manner as white wine except, unlike how only the grape juice is used in white wine, in red wine the grape skin, pip and seed also go into the whole fermentation process, adding to its deep red colour. Fermentation is carried out in higher temperature to extract better colour, aroma, flavour etc. As a matter of fact, the level of concentration in the flavour differs based on the duration of the fermentation process. Some of the best red wines include the Pinot Noir, Merlot etc. Red wine goes very well with red meat, grilled vegetables, hamburgers etc.

Rose wine comes in a light pale pink colour and is usually made from black or red grapes with a very short fermentation period. The wine can however, also be created by blending white and red wine together and gives either a slightly dry or sweet flavour and has a lower level of tannin. Rose wine is best consumed with food that is light on flavour like fruit, fish etc.


Dessert wine, like the name suggests is sweet wine usually consumed after a meal with desserts. However countries like the UK also believe in consuming it as an aperitif before your meal as well. The sweet wine comes in different kinds including Port, Sherry, Tawny etc.
Dessert wine is also a good choice of drink with food items like steak, smoked meat etc.


Sparkling wine again as the name suggests includes sparkling bubbles from carbon dioxide that are added to the wine during the process of fermentation. This kind of wine is the perfect choice for parties or grand occasions and come in different kinds like Champagne, Cava, Asti etc. It is best paired with salad, cheese etc.