Wine. It’s delicious, comes in so many different flavors and notes, and it goes with just about anything. Is it any wonder that so many people around the world have a little (or big!) wine collection in their homes? If you’re a wine lover, you’ve probably wondered: what is the best furniture for my wine collection? Well, wonder no more: the following are the top 4 types of furniture you need to buy if you have a love and passion for wine.

Wine Cabinet and Tower

Wine cabinets and towers are used to store your wine collection, so you’ll need to take stock of how much you have before you choose which wine cabinet or tower is best for you. The bigger the collection, the bigger the furniture; typically, towers are best for smaller collections because they are more narrow and you don’t want the tower to get top-heavy. There are many different types of wine cabinets out there, some with closed cabinets so that you can keep your wine from being exposed to any light, and others with a more open layout. Some even come with a tray top so that you can serve a glass of wine without even having to take a step away!

Bean Bag Chair

It may come as a surprise, but a bean bag chair is one of the most popular furniture choices for wine lovers. The reason for this is that bean bag chairs are the ultimate choice in comfort, so when you’ve poured yourself a delicious glass of wine, you can sink right into a nice bean bag chair to enjoy it. There are a lot of bean bag chair options out there, so you’ll have an endless array of choices when you start looking for one. Some of the bean bag chair factors you’ll need to consider are size, color, exterior material, as well as the amount of bean filling.

Wine Table

A wine table will help you serve wine to your guests–or simply to yourself! The best wine tables come with grooves where you can set down your wine bottle and wine glass when you’re not sipping your delicious glass of wine. Some types of wine tables are portable so you can move them around your home or even take them outside!

Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair

These are a unique piece of furniture perfect for wine lovers. Wine barrel Adirondack chairs are made from wine barrels and have a unique look and finish that is perfect for anyone who enjoys wine. Most of them come with grooves for you to set a wine glass on, so you can enjoy a glass of wine on your wine barrel chair.