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Wine Area Rugs

Wine Area Rugs

Wine area rugs are a work of art. Area rugs in general, give a rich and colorful experience especially in a room that is full of furniture. You can place an area rug on a floor that already has a carpet on it or you can put it on a floor with a hard surface like tiles, wood, or even stone. These elegant and cheap area rugs can be the star of the room or just one of the several important elements when you are decorating your home.

When you invite family and friends over, one of the first things they will notice is the area rug that you have put on the floor of your entry. If either the entire room or a particular spot in your house is boring or a bit dull, you can change it into a colorful and beautiful place using the wine area rugs. These stylish and cheap area rugs create an entire new atmosphere and will easily reflect your personal style and help you make a statement.

A lot of homeowners like wine area rugs. Wine design is not just something that is filled with grapes but also what reflects the style of the old wine yards in Europe. Even if your taste is modern, contemporary, traditional, or tribal and you are into textures and shags or country style, you might still like elegant yet cheap rugs like wine area rugs.

While purchasing wine rugs is enough, there are still some things you can do to decorate your home and create the look and feel that you want. There are wide range of cheap area rugs available on the market. You have French, Turkish, and Chinese area rugs. The options here are numerous.

Selecting the proper color of your wine area rug that goes well with your home décor can be a challenge. You will need to test the combination of colors of your new area rug and your original flooring. While it’s not always easy, it can be done.

If you find cheap rugs that are ‘must have’, then all you would need to do is redecorate the rest of your room along with the furniture so that they match the wine area rug. For this reason, choosing the color of your wine area rug is very important. You won’t have to waste time and do the redecoration all over again if you choose the color wisely.

You should consider buying a border type wine area rug if you have room full of busy fabric patterns. Your color choice is important here as well. It should depend on how busy you would want your room to appear.

Often it will be easier to find and purchase the wine area rug first and then pick the paint, the wallpaper, the furniture, and all the other things and have them match your purchased area rug. This is actually the way the professional decorators and designers do it. They start with the rug. All in all, wine area rugs can really enhance the atmosphere of your room and they are not very expensive either. These relatively cheap rugs have the potential to transform the look and feel of your entire room completely.

Wine Apps

Wine Apps

Wine apps are useful for every wine enthusiast. There is a myriad of wine apps available in various app stores. These wine apps help you do a lot of things, for example, locate wineries or pronounce wine names which are hard to pronounce. Other wine apps use predictive analysis to determine whether or not you will like a particular brand of wine. There are many apps which are available. You will have to depend on your ability to discern the one which suits you. Some wine apps may be amazing while others may be terrible.

This article will explore some wine apps which are available for use in various app stores. It will also establish which operating systems they are available on.

  • Delectable

Delectable is one of the best apps. It is a sleek iPhone app and it has been used by wine enthusiasts ranging from wine journalists and wine insiders reviews to winemakers and wine tasters. All you have to do is take a picture of the wine bottle that you are enjoying. The app will then run a search on its database. It will come up with a list of the wine’s information, in addition to ratings by different people who have enjoyed that particular wine brand. The search takes seconds.

This app will provide you with a massive database and algorithm about a wine brand, for example, the grape variety, where the grape was grown and its price. Recently, the app added a new feature known as Banquet.


Banquet is Delectable’s wine online shop. It works either together with Delectable or separately. The app is currently available for use only in the USA. With the links from Delectable, the app is able to connect wine buyers with sellers from around the USA. Plans are underway to make the app availability global. You can get wine reviews from Wine Insiders to help you make better decisions.

  • Vivino

This app has a following of approximately 20 million worldwide. It is viewed positively on Wine Insiders. It has a huge database of wines. There are almost 10 million bottles which are available for sale on the app. You can search for any wine you want and get it from this huge database of 8 million. Compared to Delectable, it offers much more information concerning wine brands. The wine-pages also have much more information about the wine brand.

Vivino allows users to connect directly to the retailer. This is a great move towards making purchases simpler. Vivino is available on iPhone apps and Android apps. The premium version comes with a price tag of 5 dollars. A good feature of Vivino is that you can scan a restaurants wine list. From this restaurant wine list, you will get more information about the wine and ratings from various tasters. You can also get a review of a bottle which has been recommended by a prominent wine taster on Vivino.

  • Wine-Searcher

This app is available on both iPhone apps and Android apps. It is basically free, but there is a pro version with a subscription fee of 49 dollars. The wine has a large database. It provides important information about various wines to wine enthusiasts. It gives important price information of different wines from various wine merchants. With this, the app user can choose the wine variety that interests you. You will be able to search where you can buy the bottle and actually trace the place.

On the flipside, the label identification feature is not as good as that of Delectable or Vivino. Therefore, you may fail to get the brand that you actually wanted. However, it does provide critics comments which are understandably very important to the wine buyer. Additionally, you are not only able to search for wines, but it can also help you search for beers and spirits.

  • HelloVino

This is an iPhone app which focuses on matching the food that you will be taking and the occasion with the wine that would be best to take. It is highly helpful for people who do not know much about wine. It is a good wine app for the beginner wine taster or a person who is spoilt for choices on the wine to take on an occasion. It is also available on Android.

It offers basic wines. It will not be ideal for an experienced wine enthusiast. It is free for everyone, but it requires a subscription fee of 4.99$ for unlimited wine labels. With information from Wine Insiders, you can get critic comments on the brand of wine that HelloVino proposes to you.

  • Wine Ring

Wine enthusiasts who have tried this app may say that it’s objectives is not similar to that of Delectable and Vivino. It keeps a record of the wines that you have tasted and with that database, the app will predict which brand of wine you will like and that which you will not. Most wine tasters on Wine Insiders agree that this is a brilliant idea, but it is still not ready for prime time. They argue that it is really tiresome to get the app to identify the brands of wine that you do not like. It will require you to make a lot of entries and ratings so that it can finally discern the wine that you like. Even though it is a brilliant this iPhone app requires more development.

These are some of the wine apps which are available. They get a lot of commendations from different wine commentators, and you can dare say that they are the best. Apart from Wine Ring, the others are easy to use. Try some of these apps sometimes.

Best Wine Insider Websites For The Best Wine Information

Best Wine Insider Websites For The Best Wine Information

There is nothing better to a wine enthusiast than a compilation of the best wine insider websites for the best wine information. The information of the best wine websites online will give you accurate information about the happenings in the world of fine wines. Though we fall under the category of great wine insider websites, it is only fair that we introduce you to other blogs that belong to the league of wine insider websites for the best wine information.

The list is over a hundred, but we will focus on a few that seem to blow our minds. Most of the blogs out there, writing about fine wines are left desolate, with a post once in a while, or are run by big Wine Conglomerates that are solely interested in pushing their wines as the best in the market, even when the taste buds of many wine enthusiasts beg to differ.

To prevent you from reading a long list of best wine insider websites for the best wine information, I have decided to cut it down to a few. All you need is a few minutes, and you will have a list of blogs that you should follow.

Jim’s Loire

This blog is normally maintained and written by a wine lover, Jim Budd. In it contains a lot of pictures surrounding wines, tasting events and so on. Can I say I love the pictures?

They leave me engrossed as I picture myself in the tasting event, sipping on that exquisite wine. Jim is always at different wine tasting events, trying the best of wines the world has to offer. Reading his works won’t bore you a bit, as they are lively.


This blog has a myriad of news, articles, as well as ratings on wines. The reviews and articles are penned down by the best of wine experts like Neal Martin and Robert Parker. The latter is the owner of the newsletter, The Wine Advocate, and he spends his time, guiding his readers on every aspect of wine, from the prices of wines, bottle size, the location of the wines, and lots more.

You want to know a lot about wines, following his works is the right way to go.

Natalie Maclean

This blog contains a lot of media concerning opinions of wine tasters, links to wines that get to match a type of food. You want to learn how to start a wine cellar, then try following her.

She updates articles regularly, and do not care if you are hurt by the truth, though her works are usually funny. Natalie is one person that can do no wrong.

Wine Folly

Wine Folly was created to remove any form of confusion from the wine world. They demystify wines with the videos, graphics, and well-written articles. On there, you can find information on wine aroma, flavor profiles, and so on.

This blog is unlike most wine blogs that are complicated and not suited for novice wine drinkers. This is why it falls under our list of best wine insider websites for the best wine information.

There are many other blogs and websites that great wine enthusiasts should follow, and you will be pleased you did.

Vaping Wine

Vaping Wine

Just when you think you’ve heard every trend under the sun, along comes a new one that on the surface makes little sense but is trending anyway. This is a new trend that combines vaping, which is normally used with specialized formulas, with fine wine. So, instead of drinking the wine, you are vaping it instead which leads to a series of different effects.

There are two different approaches to vaping that simulates the effect of an alcoholic drink. The first is that a drink containing alcohol is turned into water vapor so that it can be inhaled. The second is through the use of vaping products which simulates the flavor, but does not contain alcohol.

How to Vape Alcoholic Drinks
Called a “vape shot”, this is essentially vaping with fine wine compared to using traditional vape products. The popularity of this method of vaping means that it now comes with a kit that lets you vape alcoholic products.

The kit itself hold the wine, vodka, or alcoholic drink of your choice inside a box. Once it is ready, you simply insert a needle inside a product that looks like a water bottle and then remove the top.

At that point, you have vapor that is filled with alcohol ready to breath into your lungs. So, instead of having the alcoholic drink go from your stomach and be absorbed into the bloodstream from there, you instead breath in the alcoholic vapor.

This process means that you get the alcohol introduced directly into your bloodstream through the lungs. The result is getting that familiar buzz using far less alcohol and not having an upset stomach.

  • Choose Your Drink
  • Open Vapshot Device and Pour It In
  • Inject needle into Vapshot Bottle
  • Press Button, Count to 20
  • Twist Open Lid and Inhale with Straw

The now vaped alcoholic product will burst from the bottle, much like flowing champagne. You use the straw to inhale it into your lungs. The result is a quick, but fleeting buzz which only lasts for a short time. However, you can always vape it again to continue the effect.

Pros: One of the best advantages is that you can achieve a buzz from each inhale of the product, meaning that only a fraction of the alcohol is needed to create the effect. It should be noted that the buzz you feel is different compared to what you feel when consuming alcohol normally.

Plus, you will quickly recover from each shot, meaning that if you only want a sample of the alcohol, the effect is short-lived.

It allows you to sample many different alcoholic beverages, not just fine wine. This will allow you to be a little more adventurous without

Cons: Of course, a typical vape kit for alcoholic products is fairly expensive, running into the hundreds of dollars.

Vaping Products

However, there are companies which now sell alcoholic vaping flavors that can be used with standard vaping devices. This means that you cannot just pour fine wine or other alcohol into your vaping unit, but you can purchase some of these vaping flavors with alcohol added to enjoy the experience. However, there is one difference with these vaping products, they do not contain any alcohol.

While there was no doubt someone early in the vaping process that tried to use alcoholic products, the first person to create vaping flavors using fine wines as the basis was Dan Clayton-Luce. He founded Vine + Vapor, a company that creates vaping flavors similar to fine wines. He created the products out of his own habit of sipping on Riesling and vaping apple rings. The combination proved to be quite intoxicating, so he worked to perfect the system.

Basically, the idea was to combine the pleasures of vaping with that of drinking the best in wines, similar to a wine-tasting party. The vaping experience is different but offers the ability to quickly sample and share the different flavors at a party.

There are even companies which age their e-cig flavors in oak barrels for weeks to help simulate the flavor of bourbons or single malts.

Pros: You get to experience the flavor of different drinks, including fine wines which means that you can sample them at your pleasure. Because there is no alcohol present, you can take puffs without worrying about becoming inebriated. Plus, you are spending far less on this approach compared to purchasing a Vapshot or similar device which may costs hundreds of dollars.

Cons: As mentioned before, there is no alcohol present in these products. So, while the flavor may be the same, the effect is not. This is why it is suggested that you combine vaping with a wine tasting party to get the full effect.

Dangers of Inhaling Alcohol

While the minimal amount of alcohol that is sent into your bloodstream from each vape is minimal, it is fairly easy to overdose if you are not careful.

This is because inhaling alcohol bypasses the stomach and the liver, which means that it enters the bloodstream in a more concentrated form. For those who have issues with alcohol, vaping can be quite dangerous.

The good news about using a product like Vapshot is that each inhale represents about 1/60th of a typical shot of whisky. This means that it would take several puffs to feel the buzz and even more to push the content to a dangerous level.

For those who want to enjoy occasional puffs of fine wine or other alcoholic drinks, using vaping products or the real thing offers a simple method to enjoy the experience. Plus, it is far less expensive compared to drinking the alcohol, both in terms of costs to your wallet and to your health. However, for those who want to get drunk, this is not the means to do so.

It is never advisable to consume alcohol beyond your limits, but it should be noted that the buzzed feeling received from vaping is shorter and different compared to drinking alcoholic products.

Best Santa Barbara Wineries

Best Santa Barbara Wineries

For those that love a glass of fine wine, it is worth knowing that Santa Barbara is a gold mine when it comes to wineries. The Santa Barbara wine is famous not just in the US, but also across the borders. So, if you want to get up close and personal with the amazing wines of this region, don’t hesitate to take a trip to this part of this country. But, how will you know which wineries are worth seeing? This can be rather tricky with so many options available out there. This is why we decided to lend a helping hand and come up with a list containing the best Santa Barbara wineries, where you can taste the most exquisite Santa Barbara wine.

This is one of the first wineries in Santa Barbara, having Richard Sanford as the first man to realize the incredible potential of this land when it came to cultivating grapes and producing wine. The cool climate of the hills in this area are amazing for wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, so these are two of the type of wine you will be able to taste at this winery. But, do have in mind that the Santa Barbara wines have something special about them, so it is not the regular kind of Chardonnay you will taste over here.

If you are ready for a different wine tasting experience, you must visit this place. Located in Lompoc, Babcock is not the traditional kind of winery you may have seen in other places. Here, the famous Santa Barbara wine is served in a retro atmosphere, with rock’n’roll accents. If you are fascinated by vintage items and pieces of history, this is what you will find here, due to the unique atmosphere that is given by the old chandeliers and photos hanging on the wall. And, if you want to get some rest, you can even find housing at this winery.

This is a winery recommended for the fans of Bordeaux. But, as a tip, it is worth tasting the Sauvignon Blanc produced by this winery as well, as it is well more than famous among the Santa Barbara wines. Seen as one of the pioneers of the winemaking process in this region, Brander offers an intimate and pleasant area for guests to taste their unique wines. So, after walking on the sunny hills of the vineyard, retreat in a shaded corner and sip a glass of cool and fine wine.

This is one of the wineries in Santa Barbara that offers the best quality for the prices you will have to pay if you visit it. Here, you will serve the famous Santa Barbara wine is an incredible atmosphere with Spanish influences. Also, besides just tasting wines, you will learn precious information about each assortment and you will enjoy food that will be perfectly paired with each type of wine. So, what can be better? If you visit this Santa Ynez outpost, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Are you looking for the best gift for a wine lover, but you think that the traditional bottle of wine is overrated already? Well, how about offering a piece of jewelry inspired by wine? This may sound weird, but wine jewelry can be both fun and elegant at the same time. If you don’t know where to start looking for wine jewelry, it is worth knowing that Etsy is the best place to start looking for the ideal wine jewelry. In fact, we decided to give you helping hand and create a selection with the best Etsy jewelry from this category. So, you see, things are already easier than you though. Have fun looking at our list and find the option that suits you best.

This is not just a good-looking jewelry, but it is also a very ingenious one as well. If you want to surprise someone with a unique gift, then a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a molecule will definitely steal all the attention. Of course, it is not just a molecule, as we are talking about resveratrol, which is a very potent antioxidant found in grapes, especially grape varieties with a dark color. Handmade, like many Etsy jewelry, this necklace comes in a variety of colors and you can even opt for a plain version or a version decorated with a gemstone. The type of gemstone is, once more, entirely your choice.

If you want to make sure that the receiver of your gift will get the idea about the red wine, then a necklace that actually features a wine bottle and a glass of wine is just what you need. The design is more than creative, as the bottle appears to be tilting and allowing wine to pour into the glass below, so it is the kind of gift that will make people smile for sure. The entire jewelry is cut and made by hand, so you can be sure that the item you will offer is special and made with a lot of attention to details.

There are also bracelets made on the theme of red wine as well, so if you think that a bracelet is more appropriate than a necklace, you now have the possibility to choose this one. It is a fun-looking, handmade bracelet that features several charms that are all related to, of course, red wine. Don’t worry if you don’t know the size of the person that will receive this gift, as it can be adjusted to need. Also, if you have a better idea about how this bracelet should look like, then you must know that you can personalize the design of the bracelet according to your needs. Just give the seller a bit more time to create your customized bracelet, something you will have to consider if you need the bracelet ready in a specific time frame.

Earrings are a more discreet gift and if you don’t want to bother trying to guess the right size, you can always get things done with a pair of earrings. These earrings are obviously destined to be offered to wine lovers, as they look like half-full wine glasses. They are made out of a special resin that makes them have the same glossy appearance like glass and they are hand cut as well. It is worth mentioning that the earrings are free of nickel, which makes them suitable for people with sensitive skin or those that can easily develop allergies to metals. For a person that appreciates a glass of good wine now and then, this can turn into the best way to show your appreciation.

This is another pair of beautiful red wine earrings that can be easily offered as a gift to almost anyone. Free of nickel and lead, this piece of jewelry is made out of zinc allow that will last for a very long time if cared properly. But, in the end, it is the design of the earrings that deserves all the attention. So, it doesn’t matter if you want these earrings for yourself or you’re looking for a nice gift for one of your friends, as they are a great choice in each situation.

A necklace featuring a pendant shaped like a glass of wine and a card that is made to be offered to friends, this piece of Etsy jewelry has everything it needs to be turned into a great gift. Made out of sterling silver, you can be sure that this necklace will not cause any kind of skin issues and won’t get tarnished in time, no matter how much you will end up wearing it. In case you are considering it as a gift for your best friend, it’s worth knowing that it comes wrapped in a nice gift box. So, all you have to do is to hand it to the right person, at the right time.

So, you don’t really want to offer a piece of jewelry shaped like a bottle of wine as a gift. Well, you can still offer something related to red wine, but in a more elegant manner. This necklace with a beautiful pendant that carries a cute message might just do the trick.

Wine Marketing Consultant

Wine Marketing Consultant

For those who are starting or considering building a winery, then one of the most important jobs you must fill is the person who will sell your efforts to the world. Building a winery mean having the right marketing consultant who knows the ins and outs of letting the world know about the quality of the wine you produce.

After all, making great wine is only part of the effort you must make to become successful. Even the most well-known wines from around the world needed the assistance of marketing consultants to gain the notoriety they now enjoy.

What is a Wine Marketing Consultant?

Essentially, this is person trained in marketing who specializes in working with wineries to broaden their reach to customers around the world. The job itself attracts those who have an inherent interest in wine and wants to flourish in this growing market.

Wine consultants come in different types with some holding full-time positions with a single winery, store, distribution company, or direct-sales while others may be self-employed or work part-time depending on the needs of their position. For wineries, you may elect to hire a marketing consultant full-time or part-time as they work with other companies as well.

Many who start their careers in wine marketing will get a taste of the winery by working in different areas. it is quite common for someone to start in the tasting room, learning about the wines and teaching participants about the quality of the product. Their job may take them to the inventory, stocking process, and the marketing itself to get a proper feel for how the business works.

The requirements for a qualified consultant in wine marketing does not require a college degree, but they must have a solid knowledge of the industry, know wines well, have good interpersonal skills, and can organize a good marketing campaign to maximize the potential for success.

The consultant you hire should be someone who have experience in how wineries work, although it is not necessary for them to have many years of experience. The purpose of the wine marketing consultant is to take your product as far as it can go in the world of wines.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant for Your Winery

There are good reasons to hire a wine marketing consultant, either full time or a self-employed consultant working with your business much like an independent contractor. Wineries, especially in their early years and those that are struggling to get into the marketplace can use the services of a reputable consultant.

Create Effective Customer Relationships: The backbone of the winery business is repeat customers. You can make the most out of your established market by hiring a winery consultant skilled in creating lasting relationships that are the backbone of your sales.

The consultant acts as the go-between, the person customers trust to provide them with the wine they want all while building up the image of the winery. By establishing excellent relations with repeat customers through direct marketing, providing discounts, and other proven methods, you can create customers who buy again and again thanks to the work of the consultant.

Open Direct Sales: One of the best ways to expand your business model is through selling wine via direct sales to customers. Instead of working only with local stores, you can boost your sales by selling directly to the public.

A market consultant familiar with wine will understand how to shape the direct marketing campaign while balancing it with retail stores and outlets that also offer your wine for sale. An effective marketer can help you greatly expand the potential of your winery through the direct sales field.

Improve Image: The brand image is arguably the most important part of your marketing efforts. How potential customers view your wine will be the basis for your success. A consultant understands how to get the most out of your brand image through effective marketing efforts. It’s not just about letting people know your wine exists, but how it should be a part of their lives.

In addition, the marketing consultant creates customized plans, programs, and efforts to engage with your customers through direct sales, and other means to maximize your brand potential. The techniques used to reach customers are key to the effectiveness of the consultant you hire.

How to Choose the Best Consultant for the Job

To get the best consultant, you will need to understand where your winery is at in terms of customer appeal and where you want to be. From that starting point, hiring the right consultant will mean going by the following tips.

Reputation: If you are looking for a self-employed consultant or one that works with a firm that has several clients, their reputation should speak volumes about their effectiveness. You’ll want to look over their portfolio to see their successes and how other clients have benefitted from their services.

Experience over Education: Keep in mind that academic achievement may be nice, but you really want a consultant who offers experience in the field. This is because no degree is required to become a wine market consultant and many of the best earned their reputation through the work they have done with other wineries.

Offers Marketing Approach: To get from where you are to where you need to be, it will require a good marketing plan that a consultant can create and execute. When interviewing potential consultants, it helps to let them know your situation and what possible ways they can reach new customers. The better the plan, the more reason you should give them a try.

In the end, getting the right marketing consultant means boosting the visibility of your winery that expands your customer base. Your reputation will also be bolstered by the efforts of the consultant in working with customers and clients to broaden the appeal of your brand. By having a sure hand running your marketing arm, you can considerably expand your winery and get the most out of its potential.

Top Furniture that Wine Lovers Can’t Do Without

Top Furniture that Wine Lovers Can’t Do Without

Wine. It’s delicious, comes in so many different flavors and notes, and it goes with just about anything. Is it any wonder that so many people around the world have a little (or big!) wine collection in their homes? If you’re a wine lover, you’ve probably wondered: what is the best furniture for my wine collection? Well, wonder no more: the following are the top 4 types of furniture you need to buy if you have a love and passion for wine.

Wine Cabinet and Tower

Wine cabinets and towers are used to store your wine collection, so you’ll need to take stock of how much you have before you choose which wine cabinet or tower is best for you. The bigger the collection, the bigger the furniture; typically, towers are best for smaller collections because they are more narrow and you don’t want the tower to get top-heavy. There are many different types of wine cabinets out there, some with closed cabinets so that you can keep your wine from being exposed to any light, and others with a more open layout. Some even come with a tray top so that you can serve a glass of wine without even having to take a step away!

Bean Bag Chair

It may come as a surprise, but a bean bag chair is one of the most popular furniture choices for wine lovers. The reason for this is that bean bag chairs are the ultimate choice in comfort, so when you’ve poured yourself a delicious glass of wine, you can sink right into a nice bean bag chair to enjoy it. There are a lot of bean bag chair options out there, so you’ll have an endless array of choices when you start looking for one. Some of the bean bag chair factors you’ll need to consider are size, color, exterior material, as well as the amount of bean filling.

Wine Table

A wine table will help you serve wine to your guests–or simply to yourself! The best wine tables come with grooves where you can set down your wine bottle and wine glass when you’re not sipping your delicious glass of wine. Some types of wine tables are portable so you can move them around your home or even take them outside!

Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair

These are a unique piece of furniture perfect for wine lovers. Wine barrel Adirondack chairs are made from wine barrels and have a unique look and finish that is perfect for anyone who enjoys wine. Most of them come with grooves for you to set a wine glass on, so you can enjoy a glass of wine on your wine barrel chair.

Best CBD Oil Infused Wines

Best CBD Oil Infused Wines

If you have been avoiding wine because of alcohol, then there is some good news for you. There is a new trend that picked up towards the end of the year 2017 in states that legalized the use of Cannabis. It was at this time that cannabis-infused wines were introduced in the market. The wines are alcohol-free allowing non-alcoholic to enjoy that supposedly glass of wine. While it may be a bit expensive as compared to the regular glass of wine, it is something that is worth trying.

Let us look at some of the best Cannabis-infused Wines.


Cannavine has been experimenting on the concept of infusing cannabis into wine since the year 2010. Their CBD oil infused wine has been in the market for some time now.

CannaVine wine is made by blending marijuana with bio-dynamically farmed grapes. To grow the weed, you need to have some license thus the reason why this brand of wine is not available in states that do not allow the growth and use of cannabis. The CannaVines are based in California, USA. If you an enthusiast about cannabis, you might want to take the cannabis tour that allows you to experience the best of CBD oil infused wines and other foods.

CannaVine is soon going to provide a diversity of CBD oil infused winery options with the most popular cannabis strains. This way you can order your favorite wine online. To alleviate stress, you can buy the red blend infused with the Headbead. If you are looking for a general ecstatic feeling, you can try the Chardonnay blended with Sour Diesel. To release stress and anxiety, you can opt for rosé combined with Grand Daddy Purple and CBD.

Rebel Coast Winery California, USA

This company, just like the CannaVines manufactures wines that are a blend of CBD Oil and alcohol-free wine. Rebel Coast took up the task when cannabis-infused wines were introduced in the market at the beginning of this year. The company only have one brand of the THC infused wines; the Sauvignon Blanc. You can pre-order it at $59.99 per bottle, but you must be a resident of California State. Rebel Coast promises to release a sparkling and cannabis-infused rosé.

Mary Jane’ Magical Hemp

The Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp winery is found in Canada. The wine comes in many tastes; the Magic White, BC Buddy Red, BC Buddy White and BP Hemp Ice Wine. The winery offers unique wines that differ from the USA cannabis-infused wines. The Mary Jane’s are hemp-infused and alcoholic. They also offer premium hemp-infused spirits like the hemp-infused gin which you can order online on their site from the Black Prince Winery.


If you are outside of the USA and live in Europe, CannaWine offers you with the best option. CannaWine has varied choices of Spanish whites and reds. These wines are both CBD-infused and alcoholic.

Grenway “KnowLabel” Wine Tinctures, California

The Grenway wines are only available to those with a license to use cannabis. To get hold of a bottle of these wines, you must pre-order. They come in bottles that are different from those of the Rebel Coast Winery and are each unique in their own way. The bottles have no labels but instead have a label that indicates the cannabis strain used the type of wine and the year.

Even with the new trend in the wine industry, there are those states that cannot enjoy this beverage. If you are held up in one of those states, you might want to try some DIY approaches that can help you make your own cannabis-infused wine.

Or do you prefer sativa-laced suds? You can try these beers that have been infused with cannabis that make much of a stir like the cannabis-infused wines. While they also are faced with their own regulations and a possibility of being banned, they are good alternative to the wines.

With the DIY approaches, you can get your own cannabis-infused wines and beers wherever you are. Why not try making your own CBD oil infused wines and beers and save yourself some bucks and also get it at your own convenience. If you have no time for the DIY, you can buy one of the above mentioned brands and get to enjoy a glass of wine.

Types of Wine: Types of Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine and More

Types of Wine: Types of Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine and More

Unlike popular notion, wine isn’t just classified into red and white. To explore the world of wine you need to know more about the various other kinds, each with its own characteristics including ingredients, aroma, alcohol content etc. Many of these wines are both expensive and exotic and in this article we have explored the five major types of the same.

Despite what you might think, white wine isn’t solely produced from just white grapes. You can produce it from red and black grapes as well by simply extracting all the red pigments from the grapes and making use of only the grape juice. White wine usually gives out a very savoury and bright flavour based on whatever ingredients or inputs have gone into it. Today some of the most exquisite white wine you can find includes Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling etc. White wine is best paired either with white meat like chicken, fish etc. or creamy cheese, salads, bread, seafood etc.

Red wine is produced in almost the same manner as white wine except, unlike how only the grape juice is used in white wine, in red wine the grape skin, pip and seed also go into the whole fermentation process, adding to its deep red colour. Fermentation is carried out in higher temperature to extract better colour, aroma, flavour etc. As a matter of fact, the level of concentration in the flavour differs based on the duration of the fermentation process. Some of the best red wines include the Pinot Noir, Merlot etc. Red wine goes very well with red meat, grilled vegetables, hamburgers etc.

Rose wine comes in a light pale pink colour and is usually made from black or red grapes with a very short fermentation period. The wine can however, also be created by blending white and red wine together and gives either a slightly dry or sweet flavour and has a lower level of tannin. Rose wine is best consumed with food that is light on flavour like fruit, fish etc.


Dessert wine, like the name suggests is sweet wine usually consumed after a meal with desserts. However countries like the UK also believe in consuming it as an aperitif before your meal as well. The sweet wine comes in different kinds including Port, Sherry, Tawny etc.
Dessert wine is also a good choice of drink with food items like steak, smoked meat etc.


Sparkling wine again as the name suggests includes sparkling bubbles from carbon dioxide that are added to the wine during the process of fermentation. This kind of wine is the perfect choice for parties or grand occasions and come in different kinds like Champagne, Cava, Asti etc. It is best paired with salad, cheese etc.


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