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Best CBD Oil Infused Wines

Best CBD Oil Infused Wines

If you have been avoiding wine because of alcohol, then there is some good news for you. There is a new trend that picked up towards the end of the year 2017 in states that legalized the use of Cannabis. It was at this time that cannabis-infused wines were introduced in the market. The wines are alcohol-free allowing non-alcoholic to enjoy that supposedly glass of wine. While it may be a bit expensive as compared to the regular glass of wine, it is something that is worth trying.

Let us look at some of the best Cannabis-infused Wines.


Cannavine has been experimenting on the concept of infusing cannabis into wine since the year 2010. Their CBD oil infused wine has been in the market for some time now.

CannaVine wine is made by blending marijuana with bio-dynamically farmed grapes. To grow the weed, you need to have some license thus the reason why this brand of wine is not available in states that do not allow the growth and use of cannabis. The CannaVines are based in California, USA. If you an enthusiast about cannabis, you might want to take the cannabis tour that allows you to experience the best of CBD oil infused wines and other foods.

CannaVine is soon going to provide a diversity of CBD oil infused winery options with the most popular cannabis strains. This way you can order your favorite wine online. To alleviate stress, you can buy the red blend infused with the Headbead. If you are looking for a general ecstatic feeling, you can try the Chardonnay blended with Sour Diesel. To release stress and anxiety, you can opt for rosé combined with Grand Daddy Purple and CBD.

Rebel Coast Winery California, USA

This company, just like the CannaVines manufactures wines that are a blend of CBD Oil and alcohol-free wine. Rebel Coast took up the task when cannabis-infused wines were introduced in the market at the beginning of this year. The company only have one brand of the THC infused wines; the Sauvignon Blanc. You can pre-order it at $59.99 per bottle, but you must be a resident of California State. Rebel Coast promises to release a sparkling and cannabis-infused rosé.

Mary Jane’ Magical Hemp

The Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp winery is found in Canada. The wine comes in many tastes; the Magic White, BC Buddy Red, BC Buddy White and BP Hemp Ice Wine. The winery offers unique wines that differ from the USA cannabis-infused wines. The Mary Jane’s are hemp-infused and alcoholic. They also offer premium hemp-infused spirits like the hemp-infused gin which you can order online on their site from the Black Prince Winery.


If you are outside of the USA and live in Europe, CannaWine offers you with the best option. CannaWine has varied choices of Spanish whites and reds. These wines are both CBD-infused and alcoholic.

Grenway “KnowLabel” Wine Tinctures, California

The Grenway wines are only available to those with a license to use cannabis. To get hold of a bottle of these wines, you must pre-order. They come in bottles that are different from those of the Rebel Coast Winery and are each unique in their own way. The bottles have no labels but instead have a label that indicates the cannabis strain used the type of wine and the year.

Even with the new trend in the wine industry, there are those states that cannot enjoy this beverage. If you are held up in one of those states, you might want to try some DIY approaches that can help you make your own cannabis-infused wine.

Or do you prefer sativa-laced suds? You can try these beers that have been infused with cannabis that make much of a stir like the cannabis-infused wines. While they also are faced with their own regulations and a possibility of being banned, they are good alternative to the wines.

With the DIY approaches, you can get your own cannabis-infused wines and beers wherever you are. Why not try making your own CBD oil infused wines and beers and save yourself some bucks and also get it at your own convenience. If you have no time for the DIY, you can buy one of the above mentioned brands and get to enjoy a glass of wine.

Types of Wine: Types of Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine and More

Types of Wine: Types of Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine and More

Unlike popular notion, wine isn’t just classified into red and white. To explore the world of wine you need to know more about the various other kinds, each with its own characteristics including ingredients, aroma, alcohol content etc. Many of these wines are both expensive and exotic and in this article we have explored the five major types of the same.

Despite what you might think, white wine isn’t solely produced from just white grapes. You can produce it from red and black grapes as well by simply extracting all the red pigments from the grapes and making use of only the grape juice. White wine usually gives out a very savoury and bright flavour based on whatever ingredients or inputs have gone into it. Today some of the most exquisite white wine you can find includes Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling etc. White wine is best paired either with white meat like chicken, fish etc. or creamy cheese, salads, bread, seafood etc.

Red wine is produced in almost the same manner as white wine except, unlike how only the grape juice is used in white wine, in red wine the grape skin, pip and seed also go into the whole fermentation process, adding to its deep red colour. Fermentation is carried out in higher temperature to extract better colour, aroma, flavour etc. As a matter of fact, the level of concentration in the flavour differs based on the duration of the fermentation process. Some of the best red wines include the Pinot Noir, Merlot etc. Red wine goes very well with red meat, grilled vegetables, hamburgers etc.

Rose wine comes in a light pale pink colour and is usually made from black or red grapes with a very short fermentation period. The wine can however, also be created by blending white and red wine together and gives either a slightly dry or sweet flavour and has a lower level of tannin. Rose wine is best consumed with food that is light on flavour like fruit, fish etc.


Dessert wine, like the name suggests is sweet wine usually consumed after a meal with desserts. However countries like the UK also believe in consuming it as an aperitif before your meal as well. The sweet wine comes in different kinds including Port, Sherry, Tawny etc.
Dessert wine is also a good choice of drink with food items like steak, smoked meat etc.


Sparkling wine again as the name suggests includes sparkling bubbles from carbon dioxide that are added to the wine during the process of fermentation. This kind of wine is the perfect choice for parties or grand occasions and come in different kinds like Champagne, Cava, Asti etc. It is best paired with salad, cheese etc.


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