When the former general counsel and the CEO of Qorkz Wine Jill Hoffman started the company, she had no intentions of changing how consumers buy and sell wine. However, after two years, Qorkz Wine is now one of the top companies generating sales and positive revenues in five different states. The company now aspires every entrepreneur who wants to sell bottle of wine. Qorkz Wine helps limited production wineries connect with savvy wine connoisseurs.

Before Qorkz, Hoffman was an attorney at law with one major goal: focusing on wine law in her private practice. She knew the potential of the wine industry and considered it much more than just selling beverage. As she perfected her wine-specific skills, she noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs get into this industry without any business background – even though their passion for wine is strong. She also realized that the ecommerce was booming at that time, making it highly convenient to sell wine online. Not to mention the decision of US Supreme Court also made it quite easier for wineries and winemakers to compete on the national level.bottle of wine

Because of her knowledge and expertise in the industry as well as the industry conditions at that time, Hoffman saw an opportunity to help anyone wanting to sell a bottle of wine tell their stories and ultimately succeed. She also decided to educate wine consumers about what they serve and drink.

There are three key lessons Hoffman embraced in her journey:

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Barriers and Add Value
From day one, Hoffman’s primary goal was to eliminate unnecessary barriers and add value. She and her team managed to maintain quality, brought the clients on very quickly, and gained their confidence thanks to these efforts. The company became operational very quickly and added immediate value by eliminating traditional barriers.

2. Make Connections by Telling Stories
According to Hoffman, one of the key elements missing from the wine industry is that the companies fail to acknowledge that their consumers want to understand the wine. Adding this key element is the way to make consumers more loyal to your winery. According to the attorney at law, the wine industry is not just about the bottle of wine – it’s about the entire experience and stories are the best way to make connections and including them in the overall business model is extremely important. This was the idea that added value for the clients of Qorkz and helped consumers understand and appreciate what they were drinking.

bottle of wine3. Embrace Risk as a Part of Business and Life
Wineries and winemakers spend a lot of time and resources and they are always taking risks. When she was developing her business, Hoffman found the risk-taking aspect of wineries and winemakers quite relatable. She knew that taking a risk was a part of creating something enjoyable and beautiful that may be eventually shared with the world. Within just two years, it is quite clear that the above-mentioned lessons Hoffman learned have been worth it. Her journey of eliminating barriers, adding value, and telling stories is inspirational to anyone hoping to get into the winemaking business.