Jesse GrilloEven if your wine selling business is already successful, you need to rely on various wine marketing tactics to retain your consumers, reach wider audience, and grow. But how exactly do you promote wine? What are the methods of marketing a wine business? The answer is straightforward; you need to combine both digital and traditional marketing tactics to get more customers in your tasting room. Following are some effective wine marketing tactics that you should consider:

Content Marketing
Just like many other sectors, the world of wine has also gone digital. So, it is nowadays crucial for wine businesses to utilize digital marketing. One effective digital marketing tactic is content marketing. It involves strategically creating and publishing relevant, useful content for a segmented audience. Blog posts and articles are a great way to maintain engagement and keep your business relevant. If the content you publish has value, your website traffic will subscribe to receive more of it. With time, this marketing tactic will also transform your wine business into an authoritative figure in the industry. This means your business will be the first to come to mind when consumers are in the market to purchase wine. You can also use this content for SEO purposes to rank higher in search engines. Work with a marketing firm, e.g. Jesse Grillo, to determine the suitable content marketing strategy for your business.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is another digital method that will get you in front of consumers. No matter whether you wish to advertise your wine tasting event or you simply need wine marketing, emails will help you effectively approach your target audience. However, keep in mind that if you are sending something to your consumers’ inbox, you will need to make sure that it is useful. Newsletters are an excellent way of distributing your content to your subscribers. Other great tactics include reaching customers with a promotion, discount, etc. through emails.

Wine Club Wine Sales
When it comes to traditional marketing tactics, wine club wine sales offer the best results. Wine selling businesses find a lot of success with them as they have a lot to offer. When using this strategy for wine marketing, following are some things you should do to stand out from competition:

  • Use your email subscription and newsletter for club promotion.
  • Promote the club with professional photos/videos.
  • Use expert tasting panel recommendations.
  • Encourage customer reviews.
  • Show reviews, ratings, and awards of all wines.
  • Highlight tasting notes.
  • Have plenty of different wines for tasting.

wine marketingApart from these, focus on offering personalized service and make sure that your consumers are comfortable. Every time you come out with new wine, share it with your loyal fan club members first. These consumers will help you get the word out and spread it through social platforms. Offering a loyalty rewards program is also a great way to motivate those shares as it will encourage more sales from new consumers. These are some of the key wine marketing tactics that will contribute to wine sales. Other wine businesses are already using these tactics to succeed in this competitive market. If you haven’t considered them yet, now is the time to take action. Hire a marketing agency, e.g. Jesse Grillo, and boost your efforts to stand out amongst the competition.