Over the past couple of years, the benefits of medical marijuana have gained massive public exposure with a lot of companies exploring the extraction of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the treatment of several medical conditions. Also, the CBD oil is widely revered due to its therapeutic effects on several skin infections and its impact on the health of its users.

However, cannabis-infused wine is relatively a new entrant to the industry with a lot of opposition to subdue it from gaining the necessary recognition by the public despite its numerous benefits.

Thus, the reason for organizing Cannabis Beverage Expo which is slated for July 25th, 2019 at the state-of-the-art South San Francisco Conference Center, California, United States.

Cannabis Infused Wine

If you are new to this latest invention, Cannabis infused wine is a non-alcoholic drink that was made from a thorough distillation process to remove the THC content in marijuana to produce a weed-flavored drink with pure wine taste.

This expo will expose you to everything you need about cannabis-infused wine and other marijuana products.

About the Expo

The chance to have a gathering of top experts and a key stakeholder in the cannabis industry has been opened with the imminent cannabis expo set to rock San Francisco. The Cannabis Beverage Expo will be the first-ever event that will seek to address all the issues concerning cannabis drink and how to expand its reach and general acceptance at all states, and the national level.

The event will offer the opportunity for medical marijuana producers, cannabis growers, CBD oil suppliers, drink distributors and wholesalers, cannabis-infused wine producers, pharmaceutical companies, distilleries and other stakeholder to collaborate leveraging their industry experience, knowledge and resources on how to address legalized cannabis, and proactively eliminate overall future threat to the fast-growing industry.

This will not only bring revolution to the California State alone, but the entire United States and even the whole North America continents will partake in the benefits incorporated into the event.

One of the critical objectives of the event is evaluated, analyze and strategically implement different methods through which resources can be pulled together to explore the newly unraveled consumer good markets for the benefits of all the stakeholders and the end users.

The Cannabis Beverage Expo is a must attend for every industry that makes use of medical hemp and its product as part of their products – this includes the primary beverage industry and other service and support sectors.

Regardless of your level of awareness about cannabis and how informed you are about cannabis-infused wine; you stand a lot to gain by participating in this mind-boggling event that will encompass all the challenges beyond individual control that may have a huge impact on the success of the global drink industry.

Also, the cannabis expo will look to capitalize on the recent segmentation of the cannabis industry on a state-by-state basis. The event will seek to widen the scope of market stakeholders to the national dimension of the medical marinara industry. The interest and awareness level of cannabis-infused wine has increased drastically and has the potential to reach the national level.

San Francisco, the venue of the event will be central to creating a strong relationship between the newly legalized recreational cannabis industry in the state and the state’s highly dynamic wine industry. In a report, Sid Patel, the founder, and CEO of Beverage Trade Network stated his belief that choosing San Francisco as the host city makes a lot of sense. In his remark, he indicated that California is presently the most influential voice in deciding the future of the cannabis drink industry. Also, San Francisco played the host for the previously concluded event on global wine and spirit industry.

Initially, the grape growers and wine make considered the emergence of cannabis-infused wine as a threat to their economy until recently that they discover that collaboration will be a win-win to all parties involved.

What to Learn

Gracing the cannabis expo are the top professionals across all fields including medical, pharmaceutical, food and drinks, wine and beverages, legal practitioners, business experts, CEO’s, manufacturing companies, entrepreneurs and many more.

Some of the topics to be the addressed include:

  • Anticipated innovations to the cannabis drinks industry
  • New business models for the cannabis-infused beverage industry
  • Exploring the new market and engaging improved marketing and distribution strategies for cannabis drink products.
  • Insights on laws and regulations governing the use of medical marijuana products

Keynote Speakers

The speakers to watch out for include Omar Figueroa – the Founder of Omar Figueroa Law Office, author and cannabis law expert, Kimberley Belly – Crop-to-Kitchen Cannabis Cuisine Activist, Hospitality Consultant, Salt & Roea and Michael Cooper – Managing Member, Madison Jay Solutions LLC among others.

About the Organizer

Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a leading event producer and organizer globally. With numerous event hosted in cities such as San Francisco, New York, and London, BTN has positioned itself as the number one alcohol beverage industry network with the commitment to assisting all stakeholders in the industry including producers, importers, and distributors expand their market base and discover new suppliers across the globe through competitions, seminars, expos, and conferences.

Some of BTN past event includes the USA Trade Testing Show hosted in NYC, Bulk Wine & Spirit Show with venues in San Francisco and London as well as the widely acclaimed London Wine Competition in London.

If you have participated in any of their events, you will surely know that they are the best at what they do. If you are hearing about the event for the first time, kindly bookmark this page and plan to attend because you are in for the biggest event ever on Cannabis Drinks. How about you save the date in your calendar?

5 Reasons to Attend San Francisco Cannabis Drinks Expo

1. Business Networking

With thousands of cannabis-infused wine manufacturers, distributors, promoter, beverage makers, growers and many more converging from all walks of life, you will have the opportunity to meet, network and share ideas with the best brains in the cannabis industry. If you are a player in any area of main drinks industry and other sectors, then the best place you can be on July 25th, 2019 is the Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco, California. The event promises to help you grow your business, network with professionals and discover the new trends and market analysis.

2. Legal Counsel

With the increasing acceptance and continuous legalization of medical marijuana products including cannabis drink, there will be several legal practitioners and law enforcement agents in attendance to sensitize you on the latest rules and regulations concerning the growth, processing and use of cannabis in the United States and some of the North America countries.

3. Product Display

Are you a cannabis product manufacturer or distributor? Do you fancy the cancellation to meet new suppliers at no extra charges, this cannabis expo is the perfect Avenue to display your products to thousands of participants? You will be working alongside medical personnel that will be discussing the benefits of each product to end users; from CBD oil to cannabis drinks.

4. Business Strategies Learning

With top CEO’s, business executives, entrepreneurs, and financial experts attending the event, it’s a rare opportunity for you to gain exposure to ideas that will disrupt the entire drink industry, not only in the United States but all over the world. There will be keynote speeches, presentations, group discussions and talks on B2B and B2C conversations with many educational and insightful business strategies learning.

5. Investment Opportunities

If you have groundbreaking ideas for new cannabis drinks or you want a chance to pitch your innovative discovery to successful business experts and investors from all over the world, you can’t afford to miss this cannabis expo. It may be the perfect opportunity to unleash the entrepreneurship spirit in you.