wine refrigeratorThere are few things better for a wine lover than opening a bottle of their favorite red or white that has been sitting at just the right temperature, but finding that temperature and ensuring your bottle stays at that temperature can be tricky. Red and white wines need different temperatures, and while both of them can indeed be stored together in the long term, if you intend to crack them open in the near future, having your wine stored properly today is crucial, no matter what color it is.

How to Properly Store Wine
Regardless of whether the wine is white or red, it needs to be stored in a cool, dry place that maintains a consistent temperature. You’ll notice that wine cellars are typically in a basement for that reason, because it removes the threat of the UV rays of natural light damaging the wine. Anyone without a wine cellar can benefit from wine cooler fridge and wine refrigerator options, as they can replicate the dark spot that you need to preserve your wine.

Why Temperature Matters
As for the temperature, it is crucial to keep the wine stored at somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. By doing so, the wine is allowed to age at a more appropriate rate. If you store it above 60 degrees, it can shorten the life of the wine, whereas storing it below 50 degrees might inhibit it from fully developing. Because red wines have more tannins than whites, they last longer. White wines can last around eight to 10 years when stored properly, while reds have the potential to last for 30 years. If the temperature is inconsistent, it can also cause the wine to go bad because it places more pressure on the wine.

wine refrigeratorIf you want to store both red and white wine for a long period of time before drinking it, you can keep it stored together at an average temperature of 55 degrees. With this temperature, the red wine will only need a little time to aerate, while the white wine will be ready to serve.

There are a variety of wine cooler fridge options for storing your wine whether you hope to store them individually or by themselves, including wine coolers that have dual temperature areas so you can store a white at one temperature and a red at another. However, single zone wine refrigerators might be a better choice for storing both kinds together for the long term. Beyond the potential for different storage zones, you can look for other aspects of storage that will be important to you. For instance, many wine refrigerator products bring with them red-tinted or soft LED light that helps replicate the type of lighting in a wine cellar. Some models even have shelves that let you store wine sideways or upside down to ensure the wine maintains contact with the cork, which will prevent the cork from drying out and becoming porous, causing the wine to oxygenate.