For those that love a glass of fine wine, it is worth knowing that Santa Barbara is a gold mine when it comes to wineries. The Santa Barbara wine is famous not just in the US, but also across the borders. So, if you want to get up close and personal with the amazing wines of this region, don’t hesitate to take a trip to this part of this country. But, how will you know which wineries are worth seeing? This can be rather tricky with so many options available out there. This is why we decided to lend a helping hand and come up with a list containing the best Santa Barbara wineries, where you can taste the most exquisite Santa Barbara wine.

This is one of the first wineries in Santa Barbara, having Richard Sanford as the first man to realize the incredible potential of this land when it came to cultivating grapes and producing wine. The cool climate of the hills in this area are amazing for wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, so these are two of the type of wine you will be able to taste at this winery. But, do have in mind that the Santa Barbara wines have something special about them, so it is not the regular kind of Chardonnay you will taste over here.

If you are ready for a different wine tasting experience, you must visit this place. Located in Lompoc, Babcock is not the traditional kind of winery you may have seen in other places. Here, the famous Santa Barbara wine is served in a retro atmosphere, with rock’n’roll accents. If you are fascinated by vintage items and pieces of history, this is what you will find here, due to the unique atmosphere that is given by the old chandeliers and photos hanging on the wall. And, if you want to get some rest, you can even find housing at this winery.

This is a winery recommended for the fans of Bordeaux. But, as a tip, it is worth tasting the Sauvignon Blanc produced by this winery as well, as it is well more than famous among the Santa Barbara wines. Seen as one of the pioneers of the winemaking process in this region, Brander offers an intimate and pleasant area for guests to taste their unique wines. So, after walking on the sunny hills of the vineyard, retreat in a shaded corner and sip a glass of cool and fine wine.

This is one of the wineries in Santa Barbara that offers the best quality for the prices you will have to pay if you visit it. Here, you will serve the famous Santa Barbara wine is an incredible atmosphere with Spanish influences. Also, besides just tasting wines, you will learn precious information about each assortment and you will enjoy food that will be perfectly paired with each type of wine. So, what can be better? If you visit this Santa Ynez outpost, you will certainly not be disappointed.