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Can I Store White Wines With Red Wines?

Can I Store White Wines With Red Wines?

wine refrigeratorThere are few things better for a wine lover than opening a bottle of their favorite red or white that has been sitting at just the right temperature, but finding that temperature and ensuring your bottle stays at that temperature can be tricky. Red and white wines need different temperatures, and while both of them can indeed be stored together in the long term, if you intend to crack them open in the near future, having your wine stored properly today is crucial, no matter what color it is.

How to Properly Store Wine
Regardless of whether the wine is white or red, it needs to be stored in a cool, dry place that maintains a consistent temperature. You’ll notice that wine cellars are typically in a basement for that reason, because it removes the threat of the UV rays of natural light damaging the wine. Anyone without a wine cellar can benefit from wine cooler fridge and wine refrigerator options, as they can replicate the dark spot that you need to preserve your wine.

Why Temperature Matters
As for the temperature, it is crucial to keep the wine stored at somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. By doing so, the wine is allowed to age at a more appropriate rate. If you store it above 60 degrees, it can shorten the life of the wine, whereas storing it below 50 degrees might inhibit it from fully developing. Because red wines have more tannins than whites, they last longer. White wines can last around eight to 10 years when stored properly, while reds have the potential to last for 30 years. If the temperature is inconsistent, it can also cause the wine to go bad because it places more pressure on the wine.

wine refrigeratorIf you want to store both red and white wine for a long period of time before drinking it, you can keep it stored together at an average temperature of 55 degrees. With this temperature, the red wine will only need a little time to aerate, while the white wine will be ready to serve.

There are a variety of wine cooler fridge options for storing your wine whether you hope to store them individually or by themselves, including wine coolers that have dual temperature areas so you can store a white at one temperature and a red at another. However, single zone wine refrigerators might be a better choice for storing both kinds together for the long term. Beyond the potential for different storage zones, you can look for other aspects of storage that will be important to you. For instance, many wine refrigerator products bring with them red-tinted or soft LED light that helps replicate the type of lighting in a wine cellar. Some models even have shelves that let you store wine sideways or upside down to ensure the wine maintains contact with the cork, which will prevent the cork from drying out and becoming porous, causing the wine to oxygenate.

From Wine Lawyer to Business Owner

From Wine Lawyer to Business Owner

When the former general counsel and the CEO of Qorkz Wine Jill Hoffman started the company, she had no intentions of changing how consumers buy and sell wine. However, after two years, Qorkz Wine is now one of the top companies generating sales and positive revenues in five different states. The company now aspires every entrepreneur who wants to sell bottle of wine. Qorkz Wine helps limited production wineries connect with savvy wine connoisseurs.

Before Qorkz, Hoffman was an attorney at law with one major goal: focusing on wine law in her private practice. She knew the potential of the wine industry and considered it much more than just selling beverage. As she perfected her wine-specific skills, she noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs get into this industry without any business background – even though their passion for wine is strong. She also realized that the ecommerce was booming at that time, making it highly convenient to sell wine online. Not to mention the decision of US Supreme Court also made it quite easier for wineries and winemakers to compete on the national level.bottle of wine

Because of her knowledge and expertise in the industry as well as the industry conditions at that time, Hoffman saw an opportunity to help anyone wanting to sell a bottle of wine tell their stories and ultimately succeed. She also decided to educate wine consumers about what they serve and drink.

There are three key lessons Hoffman embraced in her journey:

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Barriers and Add Value
From day one, Hoffman’s primary goal was to eliminate unnecessary barriers and add value. She and her team managed to maintain quality, brought the clients on very quickly, and gained their confidence thanks to these efforts. The company became operational very quickly and added immediate value by eliminating traditional barriers.

2. Make Connections by Telling Stories
According to Hoffman, one of the key elements missing from the wine industry is that the companies fail to acknowledge that their consumers want to understand the wine. Adding this key element is the way to make consumers more loyal to your winery. According to the attorney at law, the wine industry is not just about the bottle of wine – it’s about the entire experience and stories are the best way to make connections and including them in the overall business model is extremely important. This was the idea that added value for the clients of Qorkz and helped consumers understand and appreciate what they were drinking.

bottle of wine3. Embrace Risk as a Part of Business and Life
Wineries and winemakers spend a lot of time and resources and they are always taking risks. When she was developing her business, Hoffman found the risk-taking aspect of wineries and winemakers quite relatable. She knew that taking a risk was a part of creating something enjoyable and beautiful that may be eventually shared with the world. Within just two years, it is quite clear that the above-mentioned lessons Hoffman learned have been worth it. Her journey of eliminating barriers, adding value, and telling stories is inspirational to anyone hoping to get into the winemaking business.

Enjoy the Wine? This Poison Ring Killed

Enjoy the Wine? This Poison Ring Killed

A poison ring is a ring that contains an opening compartment inside or under the bezel that can be used for storing poison, perfume, and other similar stuff. It is also commonly known as box ring, socket ring, casket ring, pillbox ring, and locket ring.

Poison rings date back to ancient Greek times. They are believed to have originated in Asia. These rings replaced the common practice of wearing souvenirs as well as other items in amulets or pouches around the arm and neck. Used to carry various items e.g. keepsakes, pictures, messages, devotional relics, and locks of hair, poison rings were thought to be so useful that their custom quickly spread to many other parts of the world, ultimately reaching Western Europe in the Middle Ages.

Deaths Via Poison Ring
It was the sixteenth century when the term poison ring actually became popular when it was generally believed that these rings were used by nobility to facilitate the poison of a bottle of wine or food of an enemy, or even the ring owner’s suicide in order to escape torture or capture.

poison ringSome actual documented deaths by these rings exist. The death of a Greek orator and statesman Demosthenes who led a rebellion against Alexander the Great is a prime example. Another example is Hannibal who is said to have worn a poison ring that he ultimately used it for his demise.

700 Years Old Bulgarian Bronze Poison Ring
In 2013, Bulgarian archaeologists excavated a bronze poison ring that is said to have been used for a series of political murders about 700 years ago. The ring was unearthed in Cape Kaliakra at the site of a former medieval fortress. It features a hollow, round cartridge decorated with an artificial hole and granulation. It is said that it was probably worn by a male.

Dating back to the 14th century, this Bulgarian bronze ring is considered unique among all of the various jewelry pieces that the archaeologists unearthed. The head of the dig Bonnie Petrunova stated that the ring is very unique, it was worn on the right hand, and the hole on it is there on purpose as it was made to be concealed by a finger, so that the poison could be quickly dropped in a bottle of wine or food. Petrunova also stated that the ring wasn’t worn all the time and would have been put on whenever required. This 700 years old Bulgarian bronze poison ring adds to over 30 gold earrings, rings, with pearls as well as other pieces of jewelry found at the site since 2011. It has been said that this specific piece of jewelry has no comparison in the entire Bulgaria.

The historical accuracy of poison rings to poison a bottle of wine or food aside, the custom of using a ring to store and use poison is so fascinating that nowadays any ring that features a container inside or under the bezel is called a poison ring, regardless of its intended purpose.

Vineyards May Cash in on CBD Wine

Vineyards May Cash in on CBD Wine

cbd infused wineBefore knowing much about CBD infused wine, someone must know what is CBD? Cbd is basically the cannabinoids in the cannabis industry that were first introduced in 1940. Until now, many states have not declared it legal. On the other hand, some states have declared it legal and its nation is getting benefits of using and consuming CBD in their routine life. CBD could be available to you in several forms. CBD infused wine is one of them.

A step forward to Cash vineyards on CBD Wine

After getting the answer what is CBD actually? It will be better to move forward with the discussion that what will be the scenario of Vineyards and CBD wines in several coming years. Different cannabis industries are now trying to introduce cbd infused wines. They will be able to get acknowledge of this step due to “2018 Farm Bill”. This bill is a great source to remove the restrictions of hemp-related cannabis. As this act was declared legal in the number of states but still we will advise acting according to the laws of your particular state. You should not proceed further before the legal consultation.

Non-Alcoholic, Cannabis-Infused White Wine Might Be A Harbinger

Usually, the wine bottle contains 20 grams of THC. A lot of companies are trying to introduce the wines that will be beneficial to use for humans. The ultimate goal to use CBD infused wine is to make wine for everyone. Anyone who is conscious about his health and also doesn’t find any way to get rid of wine addiction, introducing CBD induced wine is the best CBD hemp-related cannabinoid to introduce.

The promotion of THC related wines is essential

cbd infused wineUntil the wine will be produced from grapes, people will continue to claim. Is it any way to get rid of this situation? Of course yes! Consider this promotion of CBD induced wine seriously and try to make one step forward to get people ready to show more resistance towards simple wine. Companies are trying their best to replace the alcohol in wines with THC. The volume of THC being used will be exactly the same as that of alcohol which is 20 milligrams. You must know what is THC to know the benefits of its replacement with the alcohol? THC is the principal psychoactive chemical which is widely used in the cannabis industry.

Vineyards Featuring CBD Infused Wines

Many types of research have claimed that using 20 mg of CBD will not create enough buzz which means the quantity of CBD being used in wines can vary. Companies are trying to enhance the winery productions to meet the needs of people. Using the appropriate quantity of infused CBD in wine can provide almost 150 calories per glass which are really a great goal indeed. Isn’t it amazing to get enough calories without harming the human body? Of course yes! Remember! This is the main reason why this concept is appreciated and the Vineyards May Cash in on CBD Wine in the near future.

Where the CBD induced wines will prepare?

The wines that contain alcohol were produced in Sonoma County vineyards but if the actions will be taken and they will be replaced by THC, they will be sent to Colorado where the cannabis research companies will work on it and will supply them to the targeted market to reach the people who are in need to non-alcoholic and THC-based wines. These wines are THC water-soluble and will be the great replacement of alcohol.

Impact of using CBD on the taste of wine

cbd infused wineAs the ordinary grapes wine is too delicious to taste and the number of people can give the surety of the taste because they use it on a daily basis. On the other hand, still, there is no research is made on THC wine because it is only the concept. With no doubt, this step can provide a lot of benefits but no one can give surety of quality of taste. We can’t say anything about its taste unless it will be available in the market as alcoholic wines and the wines lover will try it. In our opinion, this concept can only become successful when its taste will admire people more than alcoholic wine.


What are the benefits of using CBD infused wine?

Some of the benefits of replacing alcohol with the CBD infused wine are as:

o These will act as an anti-inflammatory

o They are perfect Neuroprotectant

o No choice is better than taking CBD infused wine if you are in the search of anti-oxidant ingredients

o These are the best Anti-psychotic

o They act as an Anxiolytic and Antidepressant

Due to the high prices of alcoholic wines, their value and sales are getting down. In such a situation, CBD induced wines are the best alternatives that are not only providing the number of benefits but will also provide affordable wines. Now several industries are trying to make paths to introduce these THC wines. Companies should try to enhance their growth rate to increase their sale.

Bottom line: are Vineyards Cash in on CBD-Infused Wine After 2018 Farm Bill Lifts Hemp Ban?

cbd infused wineWe have tried our best to inform you what is CBD and the use of the CBD infused wine in the United States. The 2018 farm bill has gone in its favor and declared it as legalized hemp. This was a great step that paved the ways to use CBD in several kinds of wines. The wine being produced is usually induced with the THC free CBD.

Researches have been made to ponder the impact of replacing the alcoholic wine with the CBD infused wine. Many companies believe that it would be a great step promotes alcoholic free wines. Using the CBD in wine can benefit to them who are addicted to wine. The number of companies is wondering to take this step; they only need to take the favors of the CBD Winery brand.

The Wine Industry Expo

The Wine Industry Expo

The Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo is one of the largest conferences and trade shows that is focused exclusively on Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, and Lake counties. Also known as WIN Expo, its North America’s second largest wine industry show. It features about 300 exhibitors exhibiting the latest services and products available along with a robust educational expo focused on different tracks.

Wine Industry Expo

This year, it will be the 8th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo and it will take place at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA. The event will be held in two buildings i.e. the Hall of Flowers and Grace Pavilion. This show and conference is going to be a crucial event for the North Coast wine industry. WIN Expo has always drawn the industry’s most influential exhibitors and numerous attendees. That’s why it is considered one of the largest wine industry expos in the region. The 8th annual expo will take place on December 5, 2019.

Just like last year’s event, exhibitors and wine experts will again be participating in the famous #ExpoDeals program. This program offers one-day specials to anyone who attends the event. You can plan your purchases (e.g. latest wine flavors, wine fridges, etc.) before the event as #ExpoDeals will be promoted in the days leading up to the event.

Wine Industry Expo

Apart from the trade show, a day-long conference will be held that will feature 12 educational workshops. These will be presented by the wine experts discussing emerging trends and issues. These are the topics that every industry professional needs to be well-prepared for if they want to succeed in the upcoming year. This conference is a great opportunity for you to discover valuable services and innovative products, along with panels and seminars presented by industry innovators, leaders, and wine experts.

There are 3 distinct tracks for attendees of this event. These include Strategy and Leadership, Sales and Marketing, and Winemaking. There are going to be several sessions in the event that will cover a variety of topics, from staff-training tactics to practical winemaking workshops to tips on how to get attention of wine writers, and more.

The speakers will surely be a highlight of the annual event. Each and every speaker you will see is an expert in their specific field and they will help you think about your brand’s future while also giving several ideas that you can implement to gain competitive edge.

As an attender, you will have the opportunity to peek at the new winemaking products and technologies, such as winery equipment (e.g. wine fridges), multicultural services, financial and legal services, analysis, and more.

As a vendor, you will have the opportunity to get services and products in front of the industry’s leading experts, from technical directors to winemakers, and more. The event will allow you to connect with your existing customers outside of your work. You will also certainly meet potential new customers who will be attending the event to learn about wine industry trends, wine equipment and innovation, wine fridges, etc. So, WIN Expo opens the doors for both attendees and exhibitors that would otherwise remain closed.

If you have not attended WIN Expo before, then this is the year.

CBD Winery

CBD Winery

CBD gained a lot of traction of the market recently and that’s a fact. With an increasing number of people coming forward and telling everyone how CBD helped them and with new studies being released, there’s no denying that CBD has incredible potential. It can be, in the near future, an alternative treatment for a wide range of diseases. But, even if you don’t have health problems, you can still enjoy the benefits of CBD. It can be easily used as a supplement, as it is filled with phytonutrients and vitamins so great for our entire organism. And the best part is that you don’t have to use all sorts of products to get your CBD. You can now opt for CBD infused wine and enjoy both of them in one single glass.

If you have worries about consuming a product obtained from cannabis alcohol beverage, you should know that CBD has no psychoactive effects. CBD oil and other CBD products can be used at any time during the day or night without the risk to have your perception and thinking processes altered. So, if you choose to taste CBD-infused wine, you will not get high. The only effects you will feel are the ones produced by the wine itself. But, another thing you should know about CBD wine is that it is possible to find CBD-infused wine with no alcohol in its content. Thus, you can be sure that you’ll have all the benefits CBD has to offer while remaining focused and alert at the same time.

You just need to pay attention to details when shopping for CBD wine. This particular market niche is far from being regulated, so not every brand of CBD wine out there is also a reliable one. There is a type of wine that contains THC instead of CBD, so you will have to be careful about that if you don’t want to get high. Wine with THC doesn’t contain alcohol, but the truth is that it doesn’t need it anyway. The presence of THC is more than enough to give you a buzz and make you feel high. But, the most serious problem lies in the quality of CBD-infused wines. While there are brands selling high-quality CBD wines, there may also be others that have a weary provenience and low quality. In the lack of proper regulations, no one can check the providers and they are not obliged to follow a set of specific standards.

Thus, it is up to us, the consumers, to find a good quality CBD wine to enjoy. Luckily, there are quite a few to choose from. International Endeavors is just one example of a company that decided to invest in the production of CBD wines. There are others as well, so all you need to do is to put some time and effort into proper research. Most certainly you will find quite a few good options. You can find CBD wine that looks like regular wine or CBD wine with a more particular appearance, like a bright green color. No matter how we put it, this is just the beginning of a market that is about to expand even more in the future. Let’s just hope regulations will come along soon.

Cannabis Beverage Expo

Cannabis Beverage Expo



Over the past couple of years, the benefits of medical marijuana have gained massive public exposure with a lot of companies exploring the extraction of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the treatment of several medical conditions. Also, the CBD oil is widely revered due to its therapeutic effects on several skin infections and its impact on the health of its users.

However, cannabis-infused wine is relatively a new entrant to the industry with a lot of opposition to subdue it from gaining the necessary recognition by the public despite its numerous benefits.

Thus, the reason for organizing Cannabis Beverage Expo which is slated for July 25th, 2019 at the state-of-the-art South San Francisco Conference Center, California, United States.

Cannabis Infused Wine

If you are new to this latest invention, Cannabis infused wine is a non-alcoholic drink that was made from a thorough distillation process to remove the THC content in marijuana to produce a weed-flavored drink with pure wine taste.

This expo will expose you to everything you need about cannabis-infused wine and other marijuana products.

About the Expo

The chance to have a gathering of top experts and a key stakeholder in the cannabis industry has been opened with the imminent cannabis expo set to rock San Francisco. The Cannabis Beverage Expo will be the first-ever event that will seek to address all the issues concerning cannabis drink and how to expand its reach and general acceptance at all states, and the national level.

The event will offer the opportunity for medical marijuana producers, cannabis growers, CBD oil suppliers, drink distributors and wholesalers, cannabis-infused wine producers, pharmaceutical companies, distilleries and other stakeholder to collaborate leveraging their industry experience, knowledge and resources on how to address legalized cannabis, and proactively eliminate overall future threat to the fast-growing industry.

This will not only bring revolution to the California State alone, but the entire United States and even the whole North America continents will partake in the benefits incorporated into the event.

One of the critical objectives of the event is evaluated, analyze and strategically implement different methods through which resources can be pulled together to explore the newly unraveled consumer good markets for the benefits of all the stakeholders and the end users.

The Cannabis Beverage Expo is a must attend for every industry that makes use of medical hemp and its product as part of their products – this includes the primary beverage industry and other service and support sectors.

Regardless of your level of awareness about cannabis and how informed you are about cannabis-infused wine; you stand a lot to gain by participating in this mind-boggling event that will encompass all the challenges beyond individual control that may have a huge impact on the success of the global drink industry.

Also, the cannabis expo will look to capitalize on the recent segmentation of the cannabis industry on a state-by-state basis. The event will seek to widen the scope of market stakeholders to the national dimension of the medical marinara industry. The interest and awareness level of cannabis-infused wine has increased drastically and has the potential to reach the national level.

San Francisco, the venue of the event will be central to creating a strong relationship between the newly legalized recreational cannabis industry in the state and the state’s highly dynamic wine industry. In a report, Sid Patel, the founder, and CEO of Beverage Trade Network stated his belief that choosing San Francisco as the host city makes a lot of sense. In his remark, he indicated that California is presently the most influential voice in deciding the future of the cannabis drink industry. Also, San Francisco played the host for the previously concluded event on global wine and spirit industry.

Initially, the grape growers and wine make considered the emergence of cannabis-infused wine as a threat to their economy until recently that they discover that collaboration will be a win-win to all parties involved.

What to Learn

Gracing the cannabis expo are the top professionals across all fields including medical, pharmaceutical, food and drinks, wine and beverages, legal practitioners, business experts, CEO’s, manufacturing companies, entrepreneurs and many more.

Some of the topics to be the addressed include:

  • Anticipated innovations to the cannabis drinks industry
  • New business models for the cannabis-infused beverage industry
  • Exploring the new market and engaging improved marketing and distribution strategies for cannabis drink products.
  • Insights on laws and regulations governing the use of medical marijuana products

Keynote Speakers

The speakers to watch out for include Omar Figueroa – the Founder of Omar Figueroa Law Office, author and cannabis law expert, Kimberley Belly – Crop-to-Kitchen Cannabis Cuisine Activist, Hospitality Consultant, Salt & Roea and Michael Cooper – Managing Member, Madison Jay Solutions LLC among others.

About the Organizer

Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a leading event producer and organizer globally. With numerous event hosted in cities such as San Francisco, New York, and London, BTN has positioned itself as the number one alcohol beverage industry network with the commitment to assisting all stakeholders in the industry including producers, importers, and distributors expand their market base and discover new suppliers across the globe through competitions, seminars, expos, and conferences.

Some of BTN past event includes the USA Trade Testing Show hosted in NYC, Bulk Wine & Spirit Show with venues in San Francisco and London as well as the widely acclaimed London Wine Competition in London.

If you have participated in any of their events, you will surely know that they are the best at what they do. If you are hearing about the event for the first time, kindly bookmark this page and plan to attend because you are in for the biggest event ever on Cannabis Drinks. How about you save the date in your calendar?

5 Reasons to Attend San Francisco Cannabis Drinks Expo

1. Business Networking

With thousands of cannabis-infused wine manufacturers, distributors, promoter, beverage makers, growers and many more converging from all walks of life, you will have the opportunity to meet, network and share ideas with the best brains in the cannabis industry. If you are a player in any area of main drinks industry and other sectors, then the best place you can be on July 25th, 2019 is the Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco, California. The event promises to help you grow your business, network with professionals and discover the new trends and market analysis.

2. Legal Counsel

With the increasing acceptance and continuous legalization of medical marijuana products including cannabis drink, there will be several legal practitioners and law enforcement agents in attendance to sensitize you on the latest rules and regulations concerning the growth, processing and use of cannabis in the United States and some of the North America countries.

3. Product Display

Are you a cannabis product manufacturer or distributor? Do you fancy the cancellation to meet new suppliers at no extra charges, this cannabis expo is the perfect Avenue to display your products to thousands of participants? You will be working alongside medical personnel that will be discussing the benefits of each product to end users; from CBD oil to cannabis drinks.

4. Business Strategies Learning

With top CEO’s, business executives, entrepreneurs, and financial experts attending the event, it’s a rare opportunity for you to gain exposure to ideas that will disrupt the entire drink industry, not only in the United States but all over the world. There will be keynote speeches, presentations, group discussions and talks on B2B and B2C conversations with many educational and insightful business strategies learning.

5. Investment Opportunities

If you have groundbreaking ideas for new cannabis drinks or you want a chance to pitch your innovative discovery to successful business experts and investors from all over the world, you can’t afford to miss this cannabis expo. It may be the perfect opportunity to unleash the entrepreneurship spirit in you.



Ever noticed that the couples around you act alike, look alike and have similar preferences and taste buds! This might have surprised you but ultimately you might have concluded that ‘they are made for each other’! You might be surprised to know that as per recent research, it has been found that being in a relationship can actually change your taste buds over time! The longer you are in a relationship, the more likely your partner will influence, or you will influence likes or dislikes.

Your partner introduces you to new wines
As interesting as it may sound, it is factual that your taste in wine is influenced by your relationship status. It could be both ways around! For instance, when you were single you might have never tasted red wine! You were more into mocktails! After you got committed, your partner loves to have red wine and whenever you go out for dinner or any special occasion, he prefers bottle of red wine over other drinks. What will happen in this case? Either you will stick to mocktails and other cocktails or at least you will give it a try if he insists. Gradually, you will develop the taste because you both share the fridge after all! This is just one example, there are many if you look back and analyse!

wine relationships

It’s like a journey
This sync in preferences develop over time among couples. If you are going through rough phase and seek relationship help, cupid gurus suggest adapting taste preferences of each other so that you have common preferences. This is like a first step to save the boat of relationship from sinking. The company in which you hang out influences your quirks and tastes! Couples who stay together for longer periods of time know each other well and their drink preferences are always the same! Did you ever think that a bottle of wine has a potential to answer relationship help questions?

What does the research say?
100 couples were selected having relationship status from 3 months to 45 years and were blindfolded to smell and taste different flavours and rate them on a scale of five (5 being the best). The results of the research stated that couples who have stayed longer with each other have similar bearing on taste and smell preference. It is understandable pretty easily! If you are sharing significant portion of your meals and drinks, you are likely to like similar types of food and wines!

The question is…
The question is how can this happen? If I never liked wine, how can I start liking it? The relationship help gurus say that a bottle of wine is tasty and full of health benefits. You just need someone to introduce it to you and company you so you can cherish every sip of it! It’s more of a lifestyle shift and learning how can wine aroma make you comfortable with the language of taste! If nobody had introduced it to you, you might have been a non-drinker! So next time when you are asked ‘what do you want in drinks?’ take your sweet time to reply as it will go a long way! Have you ever noticed smile on her face when you ordered what she likes?

Wine Area Rugs

Wine Area Rugs

Wine area rugs are a work of art. Area rugs in general, give a rich and colorful experience especially in a room that is full of furniture. You can place an area rug on a floor that already has a carpet on it or you can put it on a floor with a hard surface like tiles, wood, or even stone. These elegant and cheap area rugs can be the star of the room or just one of the several important elements when you are decorating your home.

When you invite family and friends over, one of the first things they will notice is the area rug that you have put on the floor of your entry. If either the entire room or a particular spot in your house is boring or a bit dull, you can change it into a colorful and beautiful place using the wine area rugs. These stylish and cheap area rugs create an entire new atmosphere and will easily reflect your personal style and help you make a statement.

A lot of homeowners like wine area rugs. Wine design is not just something that is filled with grapes but also what reflects the style of the old wine yards in Europe. Even if your taste is modern, contemporary, traditional, or tribal and you are into textures and shags or country style, you might still like elegant yet cheap rugs like wine area rugs.

While purchasing wine rugs is enough, there are still some things you can do to decorate your home and create the look and feel that you want. There are wide range of cheap area rugs available on the market. You have French, Turkish, and Chinese area rugs. The options here are numerous.

Selecting the proper color of your wine area rug that goes well with your home décor can be a challenge. You will need to test the combination of colors of your new area rug and your original flooring. While it’s not always easy, it can be done.

If you find cheap rugs that are ‘must have’, then all you would need to do is redecorate the rest of your room along with the furniture so that they match the wine area rug. For this reason, choosing the color of your wine area rug is very important. You won’t have to waste time and do the redecoration all over again if you choose the color wisely.

You should consider buying a border type wine area rug if you have room full of busy fabric patterns. Your color choice is important here as well. It should depend on how busy you would want your room to appear.

Often it will be easier to find and purchase the wine area rug first and then pick the paint, the wallpaper, the furniture, and all the other things and have them match your purchased area rug. This is actually the way the professional decorators and designers do it. They start with the rug. All in all, wine area rugs can really enhance the atmosphere of your room and they are not very expensive either. These relatively cheap rugs have the potential to transform the look and feel of your entire room completely.

Wine Apps

Wine Apps

Wine apps are useful for every wine enthusiast. There is a myriad of wine apps available in various app stores. These wine apps help you do a lot of things, for example, locate wineries or pronounce wine names which are hard to pronounce. Other wine apps use predictive analysis to determine whether or not you will like a particular brand of wine. There are many apps which are available. You will have to depend on your ability to discern the one which suits you. Some wine apps may be amazing while others may be terrible.

This article will explore some wine apps which are available for use in various app stores. It will also establish which operating systems they are available on.

  • Delectable

Delectable is one of the best apps. It is a sleek iPhone app and it has been used by wine enthusiasts ranging from wine journalists and wine insiders reviews to winemakers and wine tasters. All you have to do is take a picture of the wine bottle that you are enjoying. The app will then run a search on its database. It will come up with a list of the wine’s information, in addition to ratings by different people who have enjoyed that particular wine brand. The search takes seconds.

This app will provide you with a massive database and algorithm about a wine brand, for example, the grape variety, where the grape was grown and its price. Recently, the app added a new feature known as Banquet.


Banquet is Delectable’s wine online shop. It works either together with Delectable or separately. The app is currently available for use only in the USA. With the links from Delectable, the app is able to connect wine buyers with sellers from around the USA. Plans are underway to make the app availability global. You can get wine reviews from Wine Insiders to help you make better decisions.

  • Vivino

This app has a following of approximately 20 million worldwide. It is viewed positively on Wine Insiders. It has a huge database of wines. There are almost 10 million bottles which are available for sale on the app. You can search for any wine you want and get it from this huge database of 8 million. Compared to Delectable, it offers much more information concerning wine brands. The wine-pages also have much more information about the wine brand.

Vivino allows users to connect directly to the retailer. This is a great move towards making purchases simpler. Vivino is available on iPhone apps and Android apps. The premium version comes with a price tag of 5 dollars. A good feature of Vivino is that you can scan a restaurants wine list. From this restaurant wine list, you will get more information about the wine and ratings from various tasters. You can also get a review of a bottle which has been recommended by a prominent wine taster on Vivino.

  • Wine-Searcher

This app is available on both iPhone apps and Android apps. It is basically free, but there is a pro version with a subscription fee of 49 dollars. The wine has a large database. It provides important information about various wines to wine enthusiasts. It gives important price information of different wines from various wine merchants. With this, the app user can choose the wine variety that interests you. You will be able to search where you can buy the bottle and actually trace the place.

On the flipside, the label identification feature is not as good as that of Delectable or Vivino. Therefore, you may fail to get the brand that you actually wanted. However, it does provide critics comments which are understandably very important to the wine buyer. Additionally, you are not only able to search for wines, but it can also help you search for beers and spirits.

  • HelloVino

This is an iPhone app which focuses on matching the food that you will be taking and the occasion with the wine that would be best to take. It is highly helpful for people who do not know much about wine. It is a good wine app for the beginner wine taster or a person who is spoilt for choices on the wine to take on an occasion. It is also available on Android.

It offers basic wines. It will not be ideal for an experienced wine enthusiast. It is free for everyone, but it requires a subscription fee of 4.99$ for unlimited wine labels. With information from Wine Insiders, you can get critic comments on the brand of wine that HelloVino proposes to you.

  • Wine Ring

Wine enthusiasts who have tried this app may say that it’s objectives is not similar to that of Delectable and Vivino. It keeps a record of the wines that you have tasted and with that database, the app will predict which brand of wine you will like and that which you will not. Most wine tasters on Wine Insiders agree that this is a brilliant idea, but it is still not ready for prime time. They argue that it is really tiresome to get the app to identify the brands of wine that you do not like. It will require you to make a lot of entries and ratings so that it can finally discern the wine that you like. Even though it is a brilliant this iPhone app requires more development.

These are some of the wine apps which are available. They get a lot of commendations from different wine commentators, and you can dare say that they are the best. Apart from Wine Ring, the others are easy to use. Try some of these apps sometimes.

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